Epson R200 in Trouble

  Ancient Learner 16:01 21 Jul 2005

Having got through some of the original cartridges, I have replaced 2 with those from Choice. They worked fin e immediately after I fitted them. however, after a break of a couple of days, they do not seem to work. Primarily the Black. It is so faint as to be hardly perceptible. I have done the 'nozzle check' which confirms that neither is working correctly, and the head cleaning makes no difference.

What do I do please. It's going to be a pain to have to return the whole lot, and anyway, those others here all swear by their quality. ??

  €dstowe 16:18 21 Jul 2005

Did you remember to remove the sticky tape seal?

Sorry if this seems a bit obvious but, I've done it myself in the past.

  pj123 16:21 21 Jul 2005

Yes and I am sure I am one of them that swear by Choice Stationery. I have never had any problems with compatible ink cartridges from Choice.

I was told by Epson (a long time ago) never switch your printer off. I have two Epson printers, a Photo 895 and an Epson R200. Neither of them are ever switched off and I don't have any problems with either of them.

  Happy Soul 16:25 21 Jul 2005

I have a R300 - use Choice compatibles - never a problem.

Have you tried removing the cartridges and re-fitting? Also make sure you haven't accidently set you printer to Draft mode.

  Ancient Learner 16:30 21 Jul 2005

Yes, I did remove the tape; as i say they worked fine at first. Perhaps pj123 is correct then, because the printer always gets switched off at night, although I didn't have a problem with the original cartridges.

I've sent Choice a query about it.

  Happy Soul 16:37 21 Jul 2005

Great deal at Choice at present.

Quack pack for Epson R200 - 300 etc. 3 x 6 pack £29.95.

  Ancient Learner 17:04 21 Jul 2005

I've cleaned the nozzles some 7 times, and that has about done the trick. It uses a lot of ink, so I have had to replace all the other cartridges now.

Is this a ploy to make me use more cartridges I have ask myself!

The cartridges that I have removed still seem to slosh about when shaken. but what can you do when the machine says they are empty?

  Stuartli 18:28 21 Jul 2005

Even better!

click here

  jack 20:17 21 Jul 2005

Nearly emty Carts can be re set and run until bone dry
Do this with a restter device from for example click here

or reset carts in situ with the sssc srvice utiliy
from click here .com search for the english version from this Russian site.

Also take a tawl throght this long series of posts
I think this is the one click here

Also see Setpember issue in the help pages re clearing head blocks on Epson printers

  Ancient Learner 20:33 21 Jul 2005

Thanks for the information.

The first link works fine, but the second for the Russian site doesn't unfortunately.

From what you say, both these two utilities seem to do the same thing. Is that right?

  goffer23 10:42 22 Jul 2005

Correct link for SSC is click here

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