Epson R200 Service Error

  Ironman556 16:56 28 Jul 2005

Hi, have an Epson R200, and a "Parts inside your printer are near the end of their service life." message has appeaered. The printer still works at the moment. The most common cause seems to be the waste ink pads which can be taken out washed and replaced, but the counter needs resetting. There's program called SSCSERV.exe which is used for servicing the printer and can tell me if it is the ink pads which need replacing, but every download I've found triggers Avast, which says a trojan was found while instaling the program. Can anyone help? Is this likely to be a false alarm? Does anyone have a clean version they can send me? Thanks.

  ICF 17:26 28 Jul 2005

Yes I have. PM me your email address

  Ironman556 18:04 28 Jul 2005

I have PM'd you using the envelope by your name. Thanks.

  ICF 18:23 28 Jul 2005

It bounces it back to me and say illegal software

  Ironman556 18:51 28 Jul 2005

OK, thanks have PM'd you again

  Ironman556 19:21 28 Jul 2005

Thanks have installed it with no problems, unfortunately the ink pads have plenty of life left in them which probably means something more serious.

  ICF 19:50 28 Jul 2005

What do you mean they are not dirty with ink

  Ironman556 20:14 28 Jul 2005

I assumed the counter went down to 0 and the pads would be full then. The counter is currently on 19854, and a quick search on google says that they warning comes on somewhere between 20k and 45k which seems a lot of variation, anyway as I'm approaching that I guess that's proably the problem.

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