Epson R200

  Digital 16:36 27 Nov 2009

Has anyone been able to get an Epson Stylus Photo R200 printer to work with Windows 7? Mine prints OK but the Status Monitor won't install so I can't see the ink levels.

  The Kestrel 16:42 27 Nov 2009

Have you checked on the Epson support website to see whether they have issued updated drivers for Windows 7?

  ashdav 16:53 27 Nov 2009
  Digital 17:09 27 Nov 2009

Thank you both. I have tried the Epson website but there's nothing there to help.

  Andsome 18:34 27 Nov 2009

I have an Epson R series, R340 Photo. When I installed windows 7 the installation installed all drivers that I needed, including the printer.

  jack 20:31 27 Nov 2009

Is not an essential part of the package if you can learn to live without it.

Or dowload any other R series driver package
to drive the machine.

In '7' go to add printer routine, select from list. select Epson.Select R200
Tell if this is a correct assumption - have yet to see '7' running but assuming basic functions follow through.

  Falkyrn 21:43 27 Nov 2009

If you highlight the installation program for the drivers and select XP compatability it should be possible to install the status monitor - it worked for my R300

  ashdav 21:55 27 Nov 2009

What do you mean there's nothing there to help?
The link I posted was for the Win7 drivers !

  Digital 22:13 27 Nov 2009

Sorry ashdav, there are drivers &c for W7 but it was a W7 version of the Status Monitor I wanted. As jack says, I can live without it, it's useful as a warning that ink is low; I'll wait until the printer refuses to print & just make sure I've a stock of cartridges! Might try Andsome's idea. Anyway, thanks everyone for your ideas.

  jack 09:05 28 Nov 2009

So long as you are aware of how an ink monitor works.

It is based on average ink consumption of a typical sheet of A4 and the number of sheets passed.
The actual ink used in any chamber may be far less.

  Digital 10:09 28 Nov 2009

Thank you jack. Yes, I realise it has nothing to do with the actual ink level. I normally wait until it refuses to print but the warning reminds me to get a new cartridge in stock.

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