Epson r200

  muddledone 13:09 23 Nov 2007

Can someone plz help i recently brought a new pc tried to install my epson r200 but i have lost the driver disc ive looked on the Epson website and tried downloading their drivers but none seem too work wont unzip properly etc Someone please help ?????? Im pretty new too these sort of things

  €dstowe 13:54 23 Nov 2007

What operating system?

If Vista, don't think there are drivers. Remember that the R200 is very out of date and has not been manufactured for a number of years - it was the first of the "R" series of printers.

  muddledone 00:37 24 Nov 2007

Im using windows xp but still cant find a for R200 printer someone plz help ????

  MCE2K5 01:30 24 Nov 2007

Try Here,

click here

  jbaker65 10:07 24 Nov 2007

Hi Muddledone, if you don't have any luck downloading from the site given above, PM me and I will copy my installation disc for you.

  pj123 12:34 24 Nov 2007

My R200 went in the bin quite a while ago. I now have an R220.

I still have the original R200 install disk. Email me if you want it and I will post it out to you.

  pj123 12:39 24 Nov 2007

Sorry, should have added. You can also download it from the Epson site.

You will need to download both the status monitor and the printer driver. As the R200 doesn't have a card reader you may not need the Card Monitor.

click here

  muddledone 18:23 24 Nov 2007

Thanks too everyone who has tried too help i have now located the driver which i have downloaded as a zip file.. But when i go to unzip it i cant find it it flashes a message saying file unzipped but just doesnt appear so too speak.... Im not the brightest button when it comes too pc,s but i have unzipped files before and not had this problem :-( ...But thanks to everyone for their help and advice.


  pj123 12:02 26 Nov 2007

Just to let you all know.

Email received and driver CD on the way to muddledone.

  muddledone 18:04 28 Nov 2007

Just want too thank everyone for their advice especially PJ123 who kindly sent me his driver disc as i had lost mine. I have now received the driver disc from Pj123 and printer works fine now :-) ...


  morge 22:28 26 Dec 2007

Hi all,
Similar tale as muddledone, My daughter is getting married in may and she wants to make her own stationary but her computer was rebuilt and she has lost the printer disc,
Help and advice appreciated

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