Epson printers - is it true?

  Trikie 16:25 18 Jul 2006

I have been told that the latest Epson printers are programmed to have a limited life - after printing a predetermined number of pages (no figures given)it will shut down and cannot be restarted.

Is this a wind-up?

  Taff™ 16:28 18 Jul 2006

They would be "hung drawn and quartered" by every consumer rights group all over the world if it were true.

Perhaps you`re thinking about the limited lifespan of the surplus ink tanks - they can be fixed but it`s a messy job!

  pj123 16:38 18 Jul 2006

"Is this a wind-up?" Probably, where did this information come from?

I have been using Epson printers for quite a while now and have not had any problems. The latest printer I have is the Epson R220. It is fitted with a CISS (Continuous Ink Supply System) and used daily.

I think whoever told you means that when the waste ink pads become full the printer flags up a message that "parts inside your printer need replacing" or something along those lines.

My local Epson repair centre say that can be fixed for a fee of £15.

  R.C.M. 16:40 18 Jul 2006

The company I worked for [a school] had all epson printers. One day one of the printers stopped working, the local computer shop, which had a contract to fix the office and classroom computers, sent the technician up to sort it.

The guy informed us that we had reached the number of sheets which the printer was programed to do before it shut itself down. He said it could not be fixed and the school would need to buy another one?

We [the school]were either conned by the guy to buy another printer, or he was telling the truth. I can't see the guy telling us a `porky' as we are a small close knit community where everybody knows everybody, and the technician would not risk the contract or his reputation on the price of a printer [surely?]

  Trikie 16:56 18 Jul 2006

Thanks. My 890 leaves black streaks, probably due to the surplus ink tanks being full, but no message. It's a job I'm putting off!

  Trikie 16:59 18 Jul 2006

Just seen the more recent posts. My informant is the local computer shop, which no longer sells Epson printers.

Loking at R.C.M.'s post I'm beginning to wonder.

  Quiet Life 17:32 18 Jul 2006

Google SSC utility which is a utility thatlets you reset the counters on most Epson printers.
Having experienced the shut down on three Epson printers when the message is "Unknown Fault" I would not buy anything Epson again.
Epson know exactly what the problem is and should state it and not state "Unknown Fault"
You have used up the number of cleans which Epson believe necesitates the changing of the pads where all the old ink goes.
There are numerous solutions arrived at for cleaning Epson heads and they mostly work. Repeated cleaning is not the answer as the surplus ink used for cleaning usually makes the situation worse and it does not take many cleans to use up a cartridge.
The heads can be fine one day and then partially or even totally blocked the next. As a last resort I have taken the heads off soaked them in cleaning fluid and OK for a while maybe. I think the heads must deteriorate as the blocking up gets worse with age. I have a very old slow HP 610C which gives no trouble and the same cartridges have been refilled many times.
New Epson heads would cost more than a new printer and the answer is to buy a machine where the heads are in the cartridge and would be replaced every time you renew them. AVOID EPSON

  Stuartli 17:56 18 Jul 2006

SSC Utility (click here) is not from Google.

  Stuartli 18:04 18 Jul 2006

This is a mod to stop the Epson waste ink pads on some models being used (the waste ink is diverted to a container) that was posted on steves-digicams website:

click here

  David4637 14:47 20 Jul 2006

It is true, after x prints it will not print anymore until the error light code has been reset - this indicates that the waste ink tank is getting full and may spill over into the bottom of the printer. Its a fairly difficult job to get to and clean these sponges inthe ink tank and then have to put the printer back together, then apply the reset code.
Note Canon adopt the same system. David

  basarg 20:31 03 Nov 2006

My Epson R300 has stopped with a "parts inside your printer have come to the end of their service life" and it will not do anything.
Having perused your very helpful forum I have aquired the SSC utility and hope to be able to unfreeze the beast. However does anyone know HOW to replace or clean the pads please??

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