Epson printer & USB

  Schopenhauer 21:13 06 Jan 2005

I've been trying to help my daughter install an Epson printer via USB. Briefly, it doesn't work. During the installation procedure there is an announcement that the printer has been configured to LPT1. Is this correct? I would have thought there should have been some reference to USB, or am I wrong?

  Eric10 21:19 06 Jan 2005

You normally install the software before connecting the printer and are given a choice of connection type. The software prompts you when to connect the printer. I would suggest that you uninstall the printer and start again. If you are still in trouble, tell us the model of the printer and what OS you are using.

  Cook2 21:29 06 Jan 2005

A similar thread click here
you may find your answer there.

  Totally-braindead 21:57 06 Jan 2005

The others are correct LPT1 is the parallel port, as you printer is USB something has gone wrong. Suggest the same as the others uninstall and reinstall. Incidentely depending on how old the printer is, if you're using Windows XP you can just connect it up and windows will install the software automatically, thats what it does with my Epson 680. Failing that you install the software first and only switch the printer on when prompted to as the others have said.

  Schopenhauer 22:21 06 Jan 2005

Thanks Cook2 for the reference. Sparky11's problem seems the same as mine, even his setup is similar, AMD on Asus. But my daughter is running Win98, not 2000.

I'll keep an eye on that thread and contribute there if have anything useful to say.

  Sans le Sou 22:56 06 Jan 2005

Did you have another Epson printer prior to your attempt to install the current model?

  ACOLYTE 23:01 06 Jan 2005

The Epsom software should set the port for you,don't turn the printer on until the wizard asks you to then let it run,you should get a message telling you the printer port was set,it shouldn't say anything about LPT1,in fact mine doesn't even mention a port just that it was set.You may need to install the Epsom Status monitor as well,but its not necessary on all printers,or for the printer to work,just that it may give an indication after if all went well.

  ACOLYTE 23:05 06 Jan 2005

Just checked mine and its set to a virtual printer port on usb,if you have other usb devices installed this could affect it as they may already be set to a virtual port.

  pubsinger 23:08 06 Jan 2005

Have you successfully installed any other USB hardware? If not it may be a compatibility problem, especially with Win98.
Check click here for loads of info on USB.

  Sans le Sou 23:09 06 Jan 2005

Is the printer connected to a hub? only it may work if connected directly to a USB port on the computer rather than on a hub.

  Schopenhauer 14:33 07 Jan 2005

Thanks for all your replies. In response to your questions, O/S is Win 98, Printer is Epson Stylus RX600. The other device connected to USB is an NTL Broadband modem. I will try disconnecting this, but not for a while as daughter is away for a few days. Will let you know how I get on.

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