Epson Printer Service Costs & Deals

  spuds 12:01 24 Mar 2008

I seem to recall that some members of the forum discussed last year, charges and offers regarding Epson printers being made by local authorised Epson service agents.

Doe's anyone have details of special offers or perhaps 'fixed price' service charges.( My local agent seems a little secretive!).

I have an Epson Stylus R220 which seems to have a problem with paper flow (no grip!), and someone as suggested this might be a simple sticky roller problem. I do not want to dismantle the R220, until I have further advice and information. (Did dismantle an Epson C86, and managed to break some of the fixing tabs, wouldn't like to do the same again!)

  johndrew 13:48 24 Mar 2008

If you contact Epson Repairs click here they will give you a fixed price quote that includes collection, repair, delivery and a 6 month warranty. It is not cheap though; if I remember correctly it was over £70 for the repair to my printer.

One point, don`t leave any cartridges in the printer as you will not get them back and they only fit the low volume `repair` items for return (if any at all).

  Totally-braindead 13:57 24 Mar 2008

My tuppenceworth on it is that unless the printer is a really expensive one its not worth getting it fixed as the charges they make are pretty steep. I'm not saying they overcharge you as I have no idea about the cost of the bits they might have to replace but from my point of view if you can't fix it yourself then in most cases you are as well binning it.

  pj123 14:48 24 Mar 2008

My local Epson Express Centre charges a flat fee of £15 plus any parts needed.

Whether that is for any repair or not I don't know. I took my 895 in because I kept getting the "parts inside this printer need servicing/replacing" message.

I took it in and they charged me £15 and the printer has been working well ever since.

I also have an Epson R220 but it has been modified and running on a CIS system for the past year. The waste ink pad never fills up and it doesn't run out of ink at all.

Never had a problem

  spuds 17:09 24 Mar 2008

Thanks everyone for the response, much appreciated.

It seems as though the Express Centres do not have a standard price fixture. My local seemed to 'suggest' that it would be £40.00, then possibly any extras on top. They mentioned that they might give me a discount of about £25/£35, if I was to perhaps part exchange for a top of the range model.

Just been on the website link johndrew offered, and it appears that there are a number of Epsons at reduced prices. The Epson R285 (£49.99) seems similar to the R220 (including cd/dvd tray), so this could be an alternative arrangement for my present needs, and a 12 month warranty to boot. I have purchased a CCSI kit for the R220, and I would like to use this on any replacement printer if possible. So I am going to look into this further, regarding cartridge fitments.

pj123, I know I have asked you this question before, but I lost your reply. How do you convert the Epson's waste disposal, so that the waste pads require no further attention. Have you a link that shows how to do this.

  spuds 18:02 24 Mar 2008

Looks as though I might be having problems with the similarity of cartridge types between the R285 and the R220. Still investigating though.

Also looked into waste tank conversions, and eBay are advertising a kit for the R285. My computer system disconnected (thanks Tiscali!)while I was undertaking the above, so I will now continue with a further seek finding mission.

  pj123 18:39 24 Mar 2008

spuds, here you go:

click here

  jack 20:19 24 Mar 2008

As the Steves site item relates - on the Back of the R200/300 series is a small 'door' remove it and with a probe extract the waste ink tube, Fine polythene tube- fish tank air line from Wilkinsons will with as bit of manipulation fit into the printer tube[enlarging slightly with a screw] a suitable container can be anything you can lay your hands to - in one case a disused rigid plastic floppy disk box
in the other a ink refill bottle
The disk box version I filled with a piece of sponge to absorb the ink to prevent the risk of pillage[very messy]

If have some pix someplace will post them when they turn up.

  jack 08:42 25 Mar 2008

This images is of the R2000
The R 300 is the same
The container can be what ever is handy
This one an old refill squeezy bottle, another is a disused rigid floppy box stuffed with foam

url=click here][img=click here

  spuds 11:46 25 Mar 2008

Thanks once again folks. The waste tank conversion appears to be simplicity itself. On eBay people are selling the kit (small bottle, plastic tube and instructions) for about a tenner.

The R220 and R285 appears to not have the same cartridge fixtures, so its back to the drawing board on that one. Looks like a few broken case tags before a final decision is made.

Will tick this as resolved, but please add further comments, especially if you know of a way to open an Epson plastic case (without breaking tags), repair the 'non-grip' problem, and help get a rather good R220 working again :O)

  jack 15:53 25 Mar 2008

My R200 is one that was discarded by a Pal as 'past it.'
He threw it at me so to speak
It now works fine.

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