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  Cameraman 17:03 23 Oct 2006

My Epson C44UX printer has stopped printing it say's it needs servicing .Is there anything I can do myself as the original supplier locally has gone out of business, also as is only a cheep printer it may cost more than it cost in the first place.
I have an A3 Epsonprinter working on this computer OK.

  spuds 17:22 23 Oct 2006

Someone was mentioning on the forum, that they had their Epson serviced/replaced by Epson direct. Think that it cost something like £39.00 with a new 12 month warranty.

Normally, when it states that it needs servicing, this is due to surplus ink in the cleaner tank. There is a way of cleaning this, and reseting the printer. Again this remedy was given on the forum. Sorry for not offering more direct information.

You might find this useful click here

  jack 17:23 23 Oct 2006

Broadly speaking one does not 'service' printers
you 'bin'em'
However here are a couple of hints.
There is an internal counter that gives this warning when a certain number of pages has passed through the machine- so reset the counter.
It an be done manually by switching the printer off then holding a down a combination of buttons then switch on - but which buttons? - models vary
So try two more things
Download[free] the SSC utility click here
load the program set it to your printer then right click the taskbar icon to give all the options.
click here
and trawl the site .
good luck
Oh! by the way are you getting soggy prints or leaking ink?
Yet another problem with elderly well used printers - printer incontinence

  jack 17:26 23 Oct 2006

Spuds is right There is a service exchange service with Epson I forgot to mention it.
Pay the money on line the replacement is delivered usually 24 hours - hand the old one back -suitably packed of course.

  Meshuga 17:29 23 Oct 2006

The usual reason for that message is that the waste ink pads are saturated, due to repeated cleaning of the print heads. It involves stripping the printer down and washing the ink pads, a messy job, and reassembling. I`ve never done it so can`t help you there but from what I`ve read about people who have taken theirs to an Epson service station it can be expensive so if yours is old it might be worth considering getting a new one. Printers aren`t expensive these days. Sorry I can`t help further.

  Cameraman 17:34 23 Oct 2006

Thanks for suggestion I will try them - The printer only cost £20.00 in the first place but right up to now it has given first class service.Print quality much better than you would expect at this price..

  Stuartli 17:41 23 Oct 2006

New Epson R300 for £47 plus delivery at:

click here

Excellent company and speedy delivery.

Lots of other great bargains as well...:-)

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