Epson printer problems

  Martin12 09:45 22 Nov 2008

I have an Epson DX 8400 printer/scanner.
Whenever 1 cartridge runs out, all the others run out in sucsession, despite being half full of ink.
I have tried Epson cartridges, as well as many others and it is always the same. Epson say this is unusual, but it is not a fault.
Is this a software "feature" to make more money? Are there anyother Epson users having this problem?

  geedad 11:27 22 Nov 2008


I have an Epson 300R, and I had similar problems ( and similar responses from Epson).
I thought it may be my "inferior inkjet carts", as Epson suggested.
However, the R300 uses six separate carts, and although they all showed varying degrees of low ink, I eventually solved the problem ( by luck) by just replacing the BLACK cartridge only. For some unknown reason, this seemed to be the key for the other carts to behave properly!
I have never had any further problems!
Let me know how you get on, please.

  Martin12 22:08 22 Nov 2008

Thanks for your advice. I had already had a go at doing this to no success.
I have made the economic decision and dumped the printer, only 6 months old (£49.99). A new set of cartridges would be £25ish and I did not want to throw good money after bad.
I now need a new printer/scanner/copier - any recomendations??

  woodchip 23:11 22 Nov 2008

Why not use Compats from Computer fair, I use them on a Epson RX620 Multi Function, Also click here

  Stuartli 23:36 22 Nov 2008

Is it a DX4800 as no DX8400 listed from where I buy my cartridges:

click here

You'll see just how remarkably cheap they are (I pay just over £4 for a pack of six cartridges for my Epson R300 and buy enough packs to warrant the delivery charge).

As an aside, I keep my Epson switched on permanently to avoid unnecessary cleansing routines and it always prints perfectly every time.

  mooly 07:52 23 Nov 2008

My experience of cheap compatibles has not been good. Not recognised and poorer print quality were just some of the problems.
I now use only Jettec replacements in a DX4050. These are the "chipped TO711/2/3/4 type.
Those in your link are unbelievably cheap by the way.
I am sure the Jettec's are what both "Wilkinsons" and "Morrisons" currently have has their own brand replacements as they look identical. The Jettecs in the above mentioned range TO711 etc are 90% longer life.

  jbaker65 08:46 23 Nov 2008

I've used ProJet cartridges for quite a while now and always found them to be excellent and very reasonable.

  johndrew 10:24 23 Nov 2008

Whilst I recognise it is a bit messy if you`re not careful, why not fill and flash your old, genuine Epson cartridges yourself?

I have used JR Inkjet to refill mine for many years with excellent results. They sell all that you will need to recover your empties and reset them or you can buy refills direct click here.

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