Epson Printer Problem

  MASE 20:01 22 Mar 2003

I have a Epson Stylus Color 460 printer and my problem started around Christmas time when printing my cards. printing started showing orizontal banding lines. thinking I was running out of ink [xp. no ink indicater] I changed cartridges, to no avail. did all the cleaning pragrames still same problem. Any ideas please, is there a way to clean nosels manualy, because obviously the printer cannot do it. [even tried new driver for it.nothing.

  Totally-braindead 20:15 22 Mar 2003

Try putting in a cleaning cartridge. sell them. Theres no guarantee that this will help. But its worth a try

  Phased 20:16 22 Mar 2003

Try this utility, it allows you to clean each cartridge individually & also does a high power clean that you cant do at the moment. click here

  recap 20:17 22 Mar 2003

I would get in touch with Epson, MASE, to see if they have a solution. I don't think it will be the nosels as you have renewed the cartridges.

Never know if it is still under warranty they may replace it for you.

  MASE 20:18 22 Mar 2003

Thank you Totally-braindead will give it a try now

  MASE 20:26 22 Mar 2003

Phased and recap. thanks for suggestions.downloading article now. and I have tried the on line help from Epson. no response. and gaurantee well runout.

  Rtus 20:44 22 Mar 2003

I think the problems more likely to be you haven't the Status monitor installed as it does more than just indicate ink levels(and I don't know if its supported in XP) But generally if you use Xp, Epson usually advise using Win 2000 drivers if available( at least for the 740 printer) for the 460, You could try that..

  MASE 21:30 22 Mar 2003

Sorry chaps. cannot contact and your site Phased, does`nt support 460.
Rtus. I have 2000 drivers loaded now but that does`nt seem to help either.
recap, just sent e-mail of to Epson again maybe I will get reply this time.Not having much luck am I.

  Qmar 22:10 22 Mar 2003 old Is the 460?..and how much have u used it?...was your os changed in Dec.?..seem to recall a thread about waste ink reservoir getting overfull?

  Phased 22:47 22 Mar 2003
  woodchip 23:05 22 Mar 2003

You are wasting your time with Epson the printer is too old and new cartridges will not make any difference, as Epson are not like other printers. The print head is built into the printer, if the cleaning cartridge does not do anything you will have to throw it, as I had the problem with a Epson Colour Pro and that was newer than your 440. It's cheaper to just go get a new cheap inkjet

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