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  ukthesis 16:25 29 Mar 2008

I bought the Epsom Stylus Color 440 printer several years ago. It's working fine, except for this. Sometimes, when it's printing out a larger document, it stops printing for no apparent reason. That's okay. The problem is that when I try to print off the rest of the pages that the printer didn't print out the first time, it either insists on printing ALL of the document. It won't for example let me print only from page 7 onwards. Or instead of printing out the document, it prints out "gibberish" at the bottom of the page on one line. Like machine language. I need to know how to remove the memory from the printer of my original instruction to it, which it seemingly retains. So that I can easily print out the rest of the pages without starting from page 1 again, or facing gibberish (machine language). Simply stopping the printing process using the printer icon on the desktop screen doesn't do the trick where, as I say, the printer "itself" stops printing out for some strange reason. In this case, I need to remove from the printer memory the first command I gave it. Unplugging the printer for 2 hours usually does the trick, but isn't there a quicker way? The Epson website doesn't give an answer. Thanks.

  spuds 16:34 29 Mar 2008
  Technotiger 16:34 29 Mar 2008

Sounds as if the used ink pads are full, they probably need removing, if possible, and a thorough cleaning. Can be a very messy job and even then can still leave you with printing problems.

You could try a bit of Maintenance via the printers' software, but I think this would only be a temporary fix.

I have never done it myself, so cannot explain how to - sorry!

  johndrew 16:36 29 Mar 2008
  spuds 16:44 29 Mar 2008

I tend to find that when the ink pads are full, the printer stops working all together with the red lights flashing, warning that a service is required.

I would perhaps suggest, that you to uninstall the printer completely from your system, then reinstall as a new set-up, and see if that resolves the problem. Check for the latest drivers on the internet. Epson may have released new ones!.

  ukthesis 16:51 29 Mar 2008

No, I am sure I need to clear the memory. Nothing else. But how is it done? The printer otherwise is fine. I don't think it need a complete maintenance. How do you clear the printer memory??

  De Nada 17:13 29 Mar 2008

Try this it may have what you need.

click here

  jack 17:15 29 Mar 2008

in the computer rather than printer hardware[Full pads]

Try this
Start/Printers faxes/
Cluck on the printer and delete all docs from there.
Then try a print run with selected pages.
If still troublesome
Remove all software and drivers and re install.
In so doing to follow all instruction to shut down AniVirus software etc.

  woodchip 18:32 29 Mar 2008

It's a Driver Problem, go to Start\Settings\Printers then right click the printer and delete it. Then Start the Epson CD that you got with the Printer and reload the Driver

  RevMike 23:16 27 Apr 2008

I have had a succession of Epson printers. Earlier ones seemed to suffer the gibberish problem whenever I ran out of paper. The rest of a document always printed gibberish. The only way I found to put it right was to delete the print (double click on print icon bottom right hand corner) and cancel the printing of the document, and then start again. Earlier models this took ages for print to delete - 15 minutes approx. Later models this seems to have been fixed.
Maybe this is a recurrence and you need to delete the print and start again., Just a thought.

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