epson printer problem

  swanny2 08:35 27 Sep 2006

Ive got another problem with me printer,this time nothing works :O(
My son went too print a document of in word this morning.and nothing prints.B4 my problem was the red light kept flashing ,now the red light stays on,and the green light flashes. lol .its like the traffic light s here ..Stop..Go..
Ive tryed printing something off in that doesnt work either.After i sorted me last problem out it printed off ok ,i know my cartridges r a bit low or nr empty. but will this cause the problem i have.
Help appreciated. thanks.
Swanny :O)

  The Old Mod 09:43 27 Sep 2006

Hi, simply yes it would. The red light normally indicates no ink.

  swanny2 09:52 27 Sep 2006

tx But theres black ink in there so why wont it print off ,just in Black .

  swanny2 10:00 27 Sep 2006

Now the red an green lights are staying on. an no matter what i clik on it wont even attempt too try an Print. :O(

  The Old Mod 10:40 27 Sep 2006

Hi Again, the green light is power on to the printer, when flashing it's busy. The red light I would think in your case is out of ink, I believe it will not print even if the black is ok, because it still uses the colour cartridge even though you are only printing in black. I'm sure if you replace the colour you will be up and running again.

  swanny2 10:54 27 Sep 2006

cheers mate. i see what happens when i got some . ty

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