Epson Printer prints left side of page only.

  jack 10:56 25 Feb 2008

This occurs occasionally in each of the Epson printer that I access installed in different computers/systems

Generally printing OK text pages- then the next start up and print only the left side of the page will print.
Give up ,go away, come back and it is OK once more.
The machines in question are R 200 and 300 and a MFD 425
With the MFD it prints as copier fine - in this situation but delivers computer generated pages printed left side only- So it seems to be a data transfer problem-
But so far nothing to indicate a correction remedy.
Reinstalling the software for example does not cure, it,it may happen again
Any thoughts?

  Sea Urchin 11:35 25 Feb 2008

Does it show up correctly on print preview?

  jack 11:42 25 Feb 2008

Will have to try to remember to check that aspect when and if it happens again.
Ahh remembering that's the problem.
As I was about to leave the house on Saturday last
I thought- you don't know what time you will be back- take a key- And Y was still thinking that as I closed the front door- I had forgotten before I had finished remembering - How bad can that be?

  Sea Urchin 11:50 25 Feb 2008

One other possibility - I have seen a situation before with Epson printers that if the paper feeds in at all crooked it fails to print on one side. Make sure the paper bar is firmly in place. And the memory - I can relate to that

  pj123 12:09 25 Feb 2008

To save you having to remember:

Go in to Printer Properties and tick the box marked Print Preview.

On my Epson R220 printer it is in Main, Advanced.

You will then get a preview every time.

  jack 17:13 25 Feb 2008

Do that any PJ
But that of course shows the page as it waiting to go-
It is I venture what happens to the data stream on route to the printer - perhaps may be.

  Ashrich 19:17 25 Feb 2008

Have you tried changing the USB cables ? Might have had a dodgy batch as it affects all three .


  jack 20:02 25 Feb 2008

Different Epson printers on different computers in different locations, therefore different cables but thanx

  Technotiger 20:13 25 Feb 2008

What is it that you are actually printing? from the Web or from scanned docs, or Word? Maybe it is a Source problem/setting, rather than the printer.

  woodchip 21:02 25 Feb 2008

Could be corrupt Driver, When Removing the Printer from Add Remove jack it does not always remove the Driver. Try removing By going to Start\Settings\Printer right click on printer and delete then look for Epson in Search and remove, also if you know how to search Regedit do it there as well. then reinstall

  jack 08:21 26 Feb 2008

As explained, in the current instance the MFD is scanning/printing OK but computer 'sent texts' are the problem.
The MFD is now with my daughter who lives a long way off.
As she is a teacher working 48 hours a day 14 days a week- techie stuff aint for her to be bothered with. I have told to see the I/T man at school and take her [ school supplied] lappie with her.
I have now posted the prob to Epson - will see what they come up with.

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