epson printer "printer is not ready to print"

  athenrye 17:22 22 Nov 2007

my epson printer dx 4000 multi function printer wont print either docs or web pages

i can scan and print withput using the PC so assume the printer is okay, there wsnt any warning lights or low ink levels on the printer

the dialogue box opens when you try and print saying "printer is not ready to print" and the ink levels are not showing

i changed the ink thinking this might be it but the new ones havent changed the levels on the pop up dialogue box when it wont print....

any ideas, ive looked at system an all devices etc are working
cables arent loose either....

could i have a virus?


  recap 17:41 22 Nov 2007

I would suggest you do the online diagnostic from Epsons own site. You should find this optioin in the device diagnostics section.

  postie24 17:44 22 Nov 2007

Have you tried swapping the lead or trying a different usb port?

  bluto1 19:30 22 Nov 2007

Try uninstalling and reinstalling if all else fails, it might just need a small repair.

  justme 20:52 22 Nov 2007

Try going into the control panel, printers and look around to see if the printer is set to offline or paused on the computer.

If it is offline then check the leads from the computer to the printer. If it is paused then right click and click on resume printing.

  athenrye 20:58 22 Nov 2007

thanks guys
ill uninstall and go through it again
the thing is its printing from the copy scan function

so think the problem is with the computer

  Border View 21:04 22 Nov 2007

What OS are you using?

  athenrye 21:46 22 Nov 2007

im on windows xp mate
computers about 2 years old

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