Epson printer help...please

  JUSZO 07:30 18 Feb 2004

Hi. I have an epson cx3200, a combined scanner, copier and printer. Last night I had a paper jam, and although I've cleared it it still refuses to acknowledge. The error message keeps coming up stating "paper jam"...I've tried turning it off, following the instructions to the letter...nothing seems to stop the thing thinking it has a paper jam. Can anyone PLEASE suggest what more I can do to get this thing to work....Please Help.

  Diodorus Siculus 07:49 18 Feb 2004

Try leaving it unplugged for a while - that should (might) clear the memory.

  JUSZO 07:59 18 Feb 2004

No. Tried that. Was working on it until midnight last night. Then put it back on at 7 this morning...still exactly the same.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:02 18 Feb 2004

Is it possible that there is a little piece of paper still there blocking a sensor and giving the impression of a blockage?

How much access do you have to the printer inners?

  JUSZO 08:07 18 Feb 2004

I really don't think so. I've opened up the machine and have sucessfully ejected any new paper I put sucks it smoothly thru the machine with no blockages. Yet after all that I STILL get the message "paper jam" and it locks up, not permitting me to do anything else with it, bar turning it off, back on and starting all over again....

  Lozzy 08:10 18 Feb 2004

You have to clear the memory of the Printer. The error is stuck in there click here and go to support page to find out how to clear the memory on the epson cx3200 its not just a case of switching off as it is on other epsons

  Lozzy 08:11 18 Feb 2004

opps I missed off Diodorus was correct in what he said..


  JUSZO 08:25 18 Feb 2004

I've been to the link you suggested, and although it's probally me (a bit thick...) I can't seem to find where exactly on that site I can get access to the info about clearing the memory, of which you suggest. Can you help?

  arricarry 09:01 18 Feb 2004

Would uninstalling status monitor and then reinstalling it help?

  Eric10 09:12 18 Feb 2004

This is from the on-line manual from the link provided by Lozzy.


When a message appears on the LCD panel to indicate the paper is jammed, press the Color Copy button. The jammed paper is ejected.

If the jammed paper is not ejected;
Locate where the paper is jammed.

If the paper is jammed at the paper feeding position or the ejecting position, remove all of the paper by hand.

If the paper is jammed inside this product, press the On button to turn off this product. Open the scanner unit, and then remove all of the paper inside by hand, including any torn pieces.
After clearing the jammed paper, close the scanner unit and then press the On button and the Color Copy button.

Load a stack of paper in the sheet feeder.

Press one of the Menu buttons repeatedly until Load/Eject appears on the LCD panel, and then press the Color Copy button.

end quote

If you have a user manual, however, then you may already have this info.

  JIM 09:59 18 Feb 2004

i dont know your product.

Looking at the epson cx3200 on the USA Site and checking out trouble shootng FAQ and listening to others.Wonder if you need to clear,

"Smart Panel Registry entries" to get rid of the message. Thats if your Paper is clear.

Other members above may be able to confirm or not? anyway have a look at the link,if it appears.

click here

If link fails to go direct,try link and trawl through :)

click here

Download DelReg2.5.exe from the Newsoft web site to remove the Smart Panel Registry entries.??

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