Epson PrintCD - an unexpected find

  Stuartli 16:15 26 Jul 2009

There have been a number of queries with regard to Epson's PrintCD software recently from forum members who have mislaid or don't have a printer's installation disk.

PrintCD hasn't been available on the Epson website's support section because it's third party software and something that has proved disappointing for many.

However, on a check for possible new Epson R300 printer drivers today I came across a surprise - the means to download PrintCD at last..:-)

Here's the link (it happens to be on the page for my R300) but a search of the website doesn't turn it up elsewhere:

click here#

  Technotiger 17:58 26 Jul 2009

If I remember correctly, I did mention at that time, that Print CD came with my R300.

  Technotiger 17:59 26 Jul 2009

PS - I meant to add - and also with my present R360.

  TonyV 19:08 26 Jul 2009

I have an Epson Stylus Photo R300, and had the earlier version of the Print CD software. (I hasten to add I never actually used it!). Following your link, I downloaded the new version and installed that then un-installed the earlier version.

I made up a disk label and inserted it in to the printer in the vain hope I could print it.

It tells me the printer driver for CD Printer is not installed. Would it be politic to download and install the Software listed as Easy Print Module and the driver version 5.5b? I have no idea what driver is installed but it goes back a few years now! There is something called Epson Colour Printing System Version 5.51, in the properties for the printer, which may be the driver, but I am not sure.



  Stuartli 19:19 26 Jul 2009

>>I did mention at that time, that Print CD came with my R300.>>

It came with my R300 - however, on occasions, there have been requests for PrintCD because the installation disk has been lost or gone missing, as it could not be downloaded from the Epson website.


The 5.5b is the latest R300 driver. PrintCD is for creating CD/DVD covers and track listings when printing on a media disk using the R300 or appropriate Epson printer.

  TonyV 19:26 26 Jul 2009

Yes, my copy came with my original disc when I bought the printer. I just thought I would get the latest version! I'll install the 5.5b driver and hope that that has the requisite driver for the CD printing.



  TonyV 19:42 26 Jul 2009

Put the new driver in but still it says the driver for CD printing is not installed. I'll probably now delete the facility and try to re-load the original version from my original CD. Something about the best laid plans of mice and men!!


  Stuartli 19:52 26 Jul 2009

You appear to be somewhat confused..:-)

The 5.5b driver is the Epson R300 printer driver.

PrintCD (latest version, which I've installed earlier, is epson324514.exe)

  TonyV 20:28 26 Jul 2009

Yes that's right. But when I installed epson324514.exe, it will not pick up the printer driver and I get the error message continually that it is not installed.

I have now installed my original copy of the PrintCD along with the original Driver that came with the Epson CD when I bought the printer. Everything now, as far as Print CD is concerned is fine and prints without the warning. The version of PrntCD I am using now is 1.20e. The one that does not function is 2.00.00E.

It was a try though!



  TonyV 10:31 27 Jul 2009

Thought you would like to know that I went on to Google and found a query covering my problem. The response was on the Epson site, click here which said that the Easy Print Module had to be installed to get rid of the continual error message. This I have now done, and the new version of Epson PrintCD seems to be functioning as it should!.



  Stuartli 10:49 27 Jul 2009

I uninstalled my original version of PrintCD and then installed the new version (2.00.00E). There were/have been no apparent problems, although I haven't actually used it in anger yet.

I have never had Easy Print Module installed at any time...:-)

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