Epson print heads continually need cleaned

  justjill 16:49 14 Sep 2006

I have an Epson C48 which is only a few months old and, despite using it almost every day, the print heads need to be cleaned at least twice a week, usually needing 2 or 3 cleans each time. I'm using ink from Choice Stationery after seeing it recommended on this forum - do you think that could be the problem? Or do you think it could be the warm weather that's drying out the ink in the heads? It's rarely cooler than 24C in our flat. Any advice gratefully recieved.

Jill (who's regretting buying an Epson after seeing all the previous negative posts about them :( )

  terryf 16:53 14 Sep 2006

Possibly the ink, I keep an Epson in a warm romm currently 22.8C and don't have probs, using compatible ink. Mine does go through a 'cleaning' cycle when it is used, what do you mean by a head clean, do you have to go to printer properties and do a manually initated clean?

  justjill 16:59 14 Sep 2006

Hi Terry. Yes, every few days I'll print something, not be able to read it, do a nozzle check, find lots of blocked nozzles and have to initiate a head clean or 3. It's getting a bit tedious now :(

  STREETWORK 17:11 14 Sep 2006

Does this printer have a felt cleaning pad at the end of the travel carraige, if so is it clogged and causing the print head to pick up debris...

  justjill 17:56 14 Sep 2006

Hi Streetwork. It doesn't seem to have one, no. I'm assuming it would be somewhere to the right of where the ink cartridges sit when they aren't printing?

  STREETWORK 18:25 14 Sep 2006

Yes, when the cartridge is 'parked' there is a small pad under it. This is possibly what is causing the problem you describe.

  justjill 19:30 14 Sep 2006

There definitely doesn't seem to be a pad where the cartridge parks.

  Meshuga 19:44 14 Sep 2006

As a means of eliminating one possible cause of your problem I would suggest buying a set of genuine epson cartridges and see if they work ok. I have used Choice cartridges for years without problems but by trying genuine ones you will at least prove a point.

  pompyx 19:59 14 Sep 2006

Jill, try this company, I have used them on several different epsom printers with first class results

click here

  Joe R 20:43 14 Sep 2006


I used choicestationary for several years, for cartridges for an Epson 830, but at the latter end, was so fed up cleaning nozzles and wasting ink, that I went to a different supplier.
I now have an Epson R220, but use this supplier for my cartridges. (this companys ink also worked perfectly on my 830). click here

  Quiet Life 22:29 14 Sep 2006

I think Meshuga is right. If new cartridges are not any help take printer back for a refund. Believe me the problem will only get worse. There are various ways of cleaning Epson print heads and various solutions are sold. I have used a mixture of vodka, distilled water and a touch of ammonia with some success. Either on the pad on which the heads rest, or on a piece of material under the heads when the heads are in the middle of their movement. Last effort is very time consuming and entails taking out the heads placing in the cleaning fluid and sucking the fluid in reverse direction.
If you plug in the printer and then pull out the plug when the heads move you can you can then move the cartridges to the left and you will see the pad on which the heads rest.
Although I keep a 480,580 and 750 going it is not really worth the trouble and I would not buy anything Epson again.
I have a very old HP Deskjet 610C. Unlike the Epsons the cartridges are very messy to refil, and it is very slow but it prints immediately as against the nonsense the Epsons go through before printing. In addition if it comes to new cartridges you get new heads.

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