Epson print head cleaner advice

  spuds 18:44 25 Dec 2010

I have a number of Epson printers that have been stored for some time now. Apparently Epson are very bad for having blocked printer heads, and I was wondering if someone could suggest a successful method of cleaning the heads, in the hope of bringing back alive these neglected and previously little used and nearly new printers

There are Epson cleaning kits and fluids available on eBay, are these worth getting, or are there better products or methods?.

Thanks in anticipation for any advice offered!.

  chub_tor 19:56 25 Dec 2010

Some suggestions obtained from your friend Google click here

  woodchip 20:40 25 Dec 2010

Whatever you use, if the printers have not been used for a long time, its going to be a hit and miss affair

  spuds 20:48 25 Dec 2010

The printers haven't been used for 6/24 months,and where just stored away. Due to their near new condition, it would be a shame to bin them.

Plus I have a good supply of cartridges for them, which would be a waste. And I don't fancy eBaying them.

On the link, there was a product called Windex, which looks promising?.

  chub_tor 21:13 25 Dec 2010

I would urge caution with the use of Windex which is an American window cleaner. That article was probably written before they started using additives such as lemon and vinegar. Personally I would stick with water or a very dilute solution of iso propanol.

  spuds 21:25 25 Dec 2010

There's one seller on eBay who seems to guarantee their product will work, so I am wondering if their solution complete with cleaning kit, would contain iso propanol or something very similar?.

At a fiver, I might have nothing to lose, and they do suggest that their kits will "last a long time".

  Catastrophe 01:33 26 Dec 2010

I, too, have several Epson printers. I find the built-in clean OK but I have not left them that long.

I have 3 x R300.

  jack O'lantern 08:55 26 Dec 2010

Is this
[IMG]click here[/IMG]
What solution you use is always debatable.
I have used a propririty window cleaner or car windscreen wash solution heavily diluted with deionised water [not tap water]
Isoproanl is good- diluted once more.
Evena basic drink spirit - Vdka/Gin- diulted
always with deionised water.
The real solution is to make a full colur page and run the printer at least once a week
or if putting to store - remove the carts - clean the jets as described- then wrap it and store away
Don't simply unplug and leave it.

  spuds 12:44 26 Dec 2010

The kit in the link appears to be very similar to the one that I am looking at on eBay. The seller gives a money back guarantee on his products, plus email/phone advice and even as a YouTube video, on how its done.

Looking at the videos (Epson and Canon), it would seem to suggest that 1 hour waiting is the best for the heads to get cleaned, but can be shorter, depending on how long the heads have been blocked and solidified.

Thanks once again guys for the help and advice, keep it coming.

  jack O'lantern 14:08 27 Dec 2010

A joke- I did mine about five years ago and it does work.
Does the advertiseed kit include fluid of any kind?

  961 14:37 27 Dec 2010

Cartridges have a limited shelf life too, so I wouldn't bank on them being any good after 24 months

Alcohol, methylated spirits, gin, all the usual stuff is worth trying to get things sorted if the print heads are part of the printer

But don't throw money at it

In the end, one printer, with the print heads in the ink cartridge, (HP et al) is the answer

Or a laser

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