epson print head

  tbird 11:46 10 Jan 2004

The problem with my c20ux is that I've cleaned the print head about 20 times but I can't get black on yellow to print, blue and red print fine,any help gratefully recieved B

  Gongoozler 11:58 10 Jan 2004

Hi tbird. This is not an uncommon problem with Epson printers. You could try cleaning your printheads. Choice Stationery stock JR Inkjet Cartridge Flush, a fluid designed for this purpose. click here

  Sheila-214876 12:02 10 Jan 2004

Afraid to say, but I think the C20 was an Epson mistake. Fortunately, they are not available anymore. I have returned 6 C20s to Epson with the same problem. Are you using Epson Ink or Compatible Ink? Have you tried new ink cartridges?

  clayton 12:23 10 Jan 2004

Get yourself a new canon priner anything from the i250 - i455 will take BCI-24 Cartridges @ £4.79 for a Compatible twin pack from click here

  tbird 16:22 10 Jan 2004

I use the c20 because it is the one used at work so I get rather cheap cartridges, you get the jist, my other printer is the 830, I;ll get some flush this w/e thanks all

  Gongoozler 08:38 11 Jan 2004

Hi tbird. Was it the cleaning fluid that did it, or did you resolve the problem some other way?

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