Epson photoshop "scratch" problem?

  bobbyalec 20:37 12 Dec 2010

Hi, and thanks in advance for any help offered.

This, I'm afraid, is a bit vague, but I started up Photoshop Elements and a message popped up saying I had some kind of file/folder with the word "Scratch" included in the message which it was saying I should remove to another area of the PC. It said it would compromise the quality of any pictures I tried to print and I tried one which was not as sharp as I thought it would have been.

I did not understand and I lost it before I could write it down properly, but wondered if any of you guys could recognise what it was referring to and help me?

I did shut Elements down and reload but it did not reappear.

Hope someone knows what I am talking about

Thanks agai


  woodchip 20:43 12 Dec 2010

Do not use Elements, but sometimes Scratch can mean Scratch Pad a part of the desktop that you can store bit of a Image if you do any cropping etc

  Newuser4165 20:57 12 Dec 2010


I use the full version of Photoshop.
In this you can set the scratch disk - a section of virtual memory which PS will use when RAM availability is too small.
It's recommended that this area is located in a different partition from the operating system eg drive D.
It may be possible to relocate the scratch disk into drive D as follows:-
Plug-ins and Scratch disk

Reset the selected drive/location for the scratch disk.

  tonyq 21:06 12 Dec 2010

Don't have Elements,but in Photoshop there is "Scratch Disc"which is if I'm correct but not sure is to do with memory. I should do a search for,"Scratch Disc-Elements",and see what comes up.

  tonyq 21:10 12 Dec 2010

Well put Newuser4165,I must have missed your posting.

  ventanas 10:25 13 Dec 2010

Just to follow on in this, there is not much point in placing the scratch disc on a separate partition. it's still the same hard drive. The point of moving it is to limit the activity on the drive Photoshop is installed on and prevent any slow down of the program.
A separate partition does not solve this. It needs to be on a second drive inside the PC (not an external or you'll have problems if it isn't connected at any time.
If you only have the one internal hdd there is not much you can do.
But with today's huge amounts of ram I do not see a problem.

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