Epson Photo 830 - No Colours!

  Dollybird 13:48 02 Oct 2005

My Epson Stylus Photo 830 will not print in colours.
Maintenance stating I have more than 50% inks.
Have done numerous head cleans. Black printing OK. Any help would be apreciated.

  johnnyrocker 13:49 02 Oct 2005

are the colour inks genuine epson?


  Dollybird 13:53 02 Oct 2005

No they're not Epson but I have used these tyre of inks for a while.


  johnnyrocker 13:56 02 Oct 2005

the colours level can give false availability in non epson, check by substitution and you will probably resolve it.


  Dollybird 13:58 02 Oct 2005


I'll try that and thanks for your help.


  johnnyrocker 14:00 02 Oct 2005

no prob yw.


  jack 14:41 02 Oct 2005

Try click here
The Epson utility from mother Russia
Its prestty godd at getting alll sorts of Epson probs sorted.

  Dollybird 21:11 02 Oct 2005


Downloaded this and still thinks I have ink, done
headclean and other bits, have managed a test print more colours coming through but still not right!
Good little program though. Guess I'll have to buy a new cartidge.



  woodchip 21:14 02 Oct 2005

Get and try a Cleaning cartidge

  daba 21:36 02 Oct 2005 how I had to get my 830u working again.

click here

My advice:-

1 - steer clear of the cheaper 'compatible' cartridges.

2 - i'm constantly hearing Choice Stationary cartridges are v.good, and they guarantee that if your printer is damaged by their cartridges they will repair or replace it.

3 - run a colour print at least once a week to prevent the ink jets from drying out.

4 - shop around, epson cartridges CAN be got for bargain prices - eBay etc.


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