BEVERLEY-256334 10:30 23 Oct 2003

When printing on heavier weight and premium photo glossy paper the printer stops printing before it completes the photo or greetings card missing the last part of the picture, but yet completes if printed on ordinary plain A4 paper. I am running Windows ME and using a paralel cable. Has anyone got any suggestions.

  Diemmess 11:00 23 Oct 2003

This has to be a printing setup problem, assuming that the paper is discharged normally when the printing stops.

It is possible that the application is not handling the file as you expect. Is there a print preview option where you can check the layout just before printing?

Have you tried putting a sheet of heavy paper in while pretending the chosen medium is "plain paper", or vice versa?

  BEVERLEY-256334 11:11 23 Oct 2003

Sorry I should have said that the paper does not discharge itself fully, when the progress bar goes across it stops printing just before the progress bar reaches 100% then I have to wait for the bar to reach 100% before I can gently pull it out, even though its not printed anymore. Yes the layout has been checked on print preview and I have printed on card with it set to plain paper but its still the same.

  sil_ver 11:56 23 Oct 2003

Had a similar problem on an 830, it was caused by a faulty ink pump. Printer was replaced FOC by Epson. Might be worth investigation.

  BEVERLEY-256334 12:41 23 Oct 2003

Thanks for that, could this be caused by using compatable ink cartridges, obviousley this would invalidate the warrenty.

  pj123 14:25 23 Oct 2003

I doubt whether the cause is the ink cartridges. It could be because the surface is shiny it is not being pulled through the printer properly. Try setting the rollers for "thick" paper. There is usually a lever to set it to "ordinary paper" and "envelopes". Try the envelope settng. If you still think it might be the ink cartridges, and you bought them from Choice Stationery, they give a good guarantee. Read this previous thread to see it. click here I would assume that other compatible ink suppliers would give a guarantee as well.

  BEVERLEY-256334 14:30 23 Oct 2003

Thanks i'll look into that.

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