Epson Perfection 2480 Photo Scanner query

  Cook2 00:36 02 Oct 2004

Does anyone out there have the above scanner?

If you have, how long does it take to scan thre colour negatives in Auto mode? Start to finish.


  Cook2 15:39 02 Oct 2004


  Cook2 15:39 02 Oct 2004


  Cook2 15:39 02 Oct 2004


  Androcles 07:16 03 Oct 2004

Cook2,if you go here:-click here
EPSON America, Inc. - Technical Support - Perfection 2480 PHOTO you will find all the technical specs for your scanner.Regards.

  Cook2 11:59 03 Oct 2004

Thanks Androcles. I forgot to say I have already purchased this model. The reason I asked about speed is that it's supposed to scan colour negatives on 94 secs but mine takes eight and a half minutes to scan three, using the film adapter, in automatic mode. I've been in contact with Epson and initally I was told that ambient temperature can make a difference because the scanner has to warm up. I asked what the ambient temperature had been when they achieved 94 secs per neg and was told the temperature was not noted.

My scanner does a warm up then goes through the process of recognising what is to be printed. It then does a second warm up and another recognition. It then takes 2 mins 12 secs to scan each neg.

If others have this model and their speeds are no better then I'll just have to accept it's the norm.

  Androcles 18:59 03 Oct 2004

I think that in automatic mode it may well choose the higher resolution settings,and this will affect the scanning speed.Also in automatic it is probably doing
a preview scan before doing the scan 'proper'if so this would virtually double the scan time.
Have you tried experimenting with the manual modes.

  Cook2 20:25 03 Oct 2004

Androcles you were right, it is quicker scanning manually as it saves time doing the recognition etc. Thanks for that. Problem solved.

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