Epson Perfection 2480 photo film scanning

  jonmac 19:10 09 Nov 2007

My Epson scanner works fine scanning docs and photos but when scanning filmstrips the result looks as if a wire brush had been dragged along the film to scratch it. I have updated drivers but to no avail. Any suggestions anyone? It's outside the 12 month guarantee and this is the first time I've tried scanning a film strip.

  woodchip 19:12 09 Nov 2007

Check to see that all glass is truly clean

  woodchip 19:14 09 Nov 2007

If the scanner head is faulty it would not warrant the cost of fitting a new one

  Diemmess 19:31 09 Nov 2007

I'm not at all clear how the miracle works anyway, but presumbable a sort of raster like the moving electron beam on a CRT.

Just a guess that the timing in this facility is wrong. If it is not a hardware but a software fault, then it might respond to a clear out and reinstall the Epson software for this unit.

I magine you are using the Epson Scan software which controls every parameter of scanning.
I don't think an upgrade will help.

  jonmac 00:16 10 Nov 2007

Thanks for the responses woodchip and Diemmes.
Glass is clean and a reinstall of software didn't cure it. Also tried different settings during scan bit still the problem is there. Looks like a faulty scanner bar but normal scans of documents are fine
I'll just have to thole it, I guess.

  jack 08:56 10 Nov 2007

It may be worth addressing the problem to Epson if you have not already done so- They may have an answer.
Also I found that certainly on just out of warranty printers they can be very accommodating.
E-mail customer support/scanners

  Diemmess 09:21 10 Nov 2007

My own experience with phoning Epson supports jack's last comment.
Worth a try before you bin it.

However do not bother with the email route which is (for me) a dead end.

  eedcam 09:47 10 Nov 2007

what resolution are you scanning at and have you selected film or positives before you scan

  jonmac 13:09 11 Nov 2007

Apologies for the delay, had to go away for the day.
My scanner by the way is an Epson 2480 Photo.
I'll try phoning and see what happens. My receipt for the sale is very faint so I can't make out a date but think it was last year or late 2005.
eedcam, I was at 3200 dpi I think and had selected film, that's the only way the backlight will come on and the frontlight go off I presume.
jack, that link is to an IBM site but I can find Epson myself of course.
Thanks all, I'll report back.

  jack 17:12 11 Nov 2007

'jack, that link is to an IBM site'

I did not actually give a link - Suspect its one of those advertising peccadillo's that pick up on keywords
As you say a Google for Epson does it.

  eedcam 18:28 12 Nov 2007

Jon mac the res is a bit too much though doubt thats the problem .There is film = negatives there is also Positive for slides

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