Epson Perfection 1250 Scanner Slowdown

  Pesala 08:39 02 Jul 2005

I don't do much scanning, but I'm sure it used to be a lot faster. A full page at 200 dpi is taking about 2 minutes. It is about as fast as I remember it used to be at 600 dpi. Could this be a USB problem? I tried changing various settings in the TWAIN driver like turning off unsharp mask, but it made no difference.

I have two USB 1.0 ports on my PC. One is linked to my monitor, which has a four-port hub. I also started using another four-port hub for my USB disgo drive.

I have two USB printers and a USB modem.

I have tried plugging the scanner directly into the second USB port on my PC, but it makes no difference .

  Pesala 08:49 02 Jul 2005

That should be three and half minutes, not two minutes. The scanner head is in stop/start mode like it is at high resolutions. A preview scan at 72 dpi is fast.

  Pesala 09:11 02 Jul 2005

At 150 dpi the scanner head hesitates less, and takes about 50 seconds.

At 600 dpi it is not much slower than at 200 dpi — about 4 minutes 10 seconds.

  Pesala 12:59 03 Jul 2005

Reviews of this scanner estimate about 30 seconds for a colour photo scan (300 dpi). Anyone else get similar results to me?

  Klof Ron 14:31 03 Jul 2005

Have you tried click here for driver updates and useful hints and tips?

  woodchip 14:55 03 Jul 2005

Remove from Add Remove, If its the Only Epson Hardware you have do a Search for Epon and remove all if not you will have to take care when deleting anything. then reinstall twain drivers

  Pesala 20:32 03 Jul 2005

I downloaded and installed the latest driver 5.71, but no difference. Then I found an option on the configuration, other menu to restore all defaults, and that did the trick. Now a 300 dpi full page scan takes about 40 seconds.

I'm still looking to see what was different before. The file size is much bigger, 25 mbytes instead of 11.38, but the scanning is four times faster.

It would be good to find out what caused the problem so that I don't accidentally repeat it again later. It was not the ICM colour management, nor the scale factor (which would slow things down as it changes the effective resolution).

  Pesala 20:42 03 Jul 2005

The option is called "descreening"

The default for colour photos is with descreeing off.

The default for colour documents is with descreen on. This is what slows down scanning so much.

Can someone explain what is the difference between descreening and unsharp mask? (which doesn't seem to affect scanning speed. Presumably descreening scans at twice the dpi setting and disgards half the pixels.

  woodchip 21:26 03 Jul 2005

check these photos and explanation click here

  Pesala 22:04 03 Jul 2005

I know about moire patterns and descreening through software, but what is the benefit of using the scanner to do that? If it takes four times as long, surely its not worth it? Software descreening only takes a few seconds. The scanner head is stop/starting while it processes the image, although if I select just a small area to scan, this doesn't seem to happen.

  woodchip 22:17 03 Jul 2005

When you do it with scanner the Picture Is at it's best. If done after then the picture degrades. it's a bit like DPI, if you scan at high DPI you can cut and reduce picture but if you do it the other way round like trying to make picture bigger and still keep good picture it does not work. Just like Digital zoom as opposed to optical zoom. You cannot relace something that never existed. that's why it's better to do it with scanner first if you want the best

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