Epson Ink problem 18:49 23 Dec 2010

Hi there,

I have Epson SX205 all in one . I normally buy the compatible catridges from the web. The problem is when I replaced the balck one only , I had blue reporting error . The black looks find and the rest still have third of the ink . I replced the blue and got the rest having error now . It seems that its programed to have identical code on the chips of the ink , and require to change them all even if you have some ink left . is there any way to overcome this as I dont want to change all colours because of the black .


  Sea Urchin 19:28 23 Dec 2010

..... it may well help you

click here 21:26 23 Dec 2010

Many thanks for that link , I know this website , but my printer is not included ( SX205) and I m not looking to reset the catridges to full . I need them to keep the right level only .

When I added the new catridge ,( black ) i had the problem with the blue , and when I changed the blue , I had it with the rest .

Regards 23:33 29 Dec 2010

Can anybody help further please ?

  mooly 07:56 30 Dec 2010

After various issues like this with so called compatable Epson cartridges (TO711,2,3 and 4 type) I now only use Jettec brand, which you can get offers on if you look around. They last 90% longer than standard ones.

They are recognised (in my DX4050) as original in every way.

click here

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Wilkinsons (and I suspect Morrisons) own brand appear identical to Jettecs.

  sharpamat 10:53 30 Dec 2010

Its the vast amount of ink wasted with this type of printer

Each time the printer is turned on or off it runs its cleaning cycle. same as when you change a cartridge it changes, itself all wasting ink.

Whilst the unchanged cartridges may have had ink prior to the replacement, That may have now dropped to below what can be registered

this is the reason many people fit a CISS and alter the waste ink collection ( to save the pads ) as I have done with my Epson's R265 and my SX 12:07 30 Dec 2010

Thanks for your reply everyone , can you please advise on how to overcome my problem now , would a resetter be a good idea to buy and use .

I dont have a clue what CIss is.



  catpwss 13:11 30 Dec 2010

I have an epson R285 fitted with a ciss best thing i ever done and i leave it switched on 99% of the time.
well worth it.

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