CUTHBED 12:15 31 Aug 2009

When using the copy facility or printing photos or documents from a memory card the printing is OK, but when trying to print from a PC, the print is lined and colour wrong. I have tried the usual print-head clean, but it makes no difference. I have tried different USB cables and also printed from different PCs but the results are unsatisfactory. I am using genuine Epson cartridges. Can anyone assist please?

  mooly 12:41 31 Aug 2009

That sounds strange.
When you say the results are unsatisfactory printing from other PC's is that with the correct drivers installed for your printer ?
The fact it's OK as a standalone unit kind of rules out print head issues etc.
Wonder if there is a "factory reset" that can be applied somehow ? Epson technical support I have found to be excellent in the past... well worth contacting I would say.
Have you tried unplugging the printer from the mains for a few hours and then seeing what happens.

  CUTHBED 12:57 31 Aug 2009

Thanks mooly. I currently have 3 printers attached to my PC, all Epson: Color 680, DX7450, and the DX6050, which is my daughter's. All the correct drivers are installed and the 680 and 7450 both work fine. It is only the 6050 which is malfunctioning. It has been uplugged from the mains for some time as my daughter brought it with her for me to check on my PC, as she was having problems with printing from hers. Could it be a malfunction in the circuitry from the USB input to the print mechanism? I am not all that technical and will take your advice to contact Epson.

  mooly 18:02 31 Aug 2009

I think you are right in what you say... a malfunction. It just sounds such a weird issue, and I wouldn't be at all surprised if it was a "software" issue within the printer rather than a component failure of some kind.
That's why I think contacting Espon is the best bet. Let us know how you get on :)

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