Epson DX4200 query

  Totally-braindead 15:52 11 Jul 2006

I've got a DX3800 myself but just wondering if anyone can answer a query I have about the 4200.
I know Epsons will not let you print black only if one of the colour carts is out but I'm just wondering if this also disables the scanner.
Reason I ask is I installed a DX4200, second hand one, for a friend and it seems to have installed ok but won't print because one of the colour carts is empty. Now thats fair enough hes going to get a set of cartridges for it but I did notice that the scanner didn't work at all either. Now I'm certain its installed properly but bearing in mind the Epson won't print without a full set of cartridges in it I'm wondering if someone could tell me if not having all the cartridges in it also disables the scanner somehow.
I would prefer to know this before he buys a set of cartridges as if there is something wrong with the scanner he might be as well just binning it and getting another all in one.

  pj123 18:41 11 Jul 2006

My opinion. I wouldn't have thought so, unless you are asking the scanner module to copy rather than scan.

Scanning must be separate from the printing module? so wouldn't need ink anyway.

Can you not try your scanner section with an empty colour cartridge in and see if that still works. I don't have either of these MFDs as I think if one part goes wrong, it all goes wrong. I prefer separates.

  Totally-braindead 18:55 11 Jul 2006

Thanks for that pj123, unfortunatly my own MFD has ink in all the cartridges and in order to try it I would have to bin one which I'm not keen on. You're not meant to reload them you see.

  pj123 21:07 11 Jul 2006

Looks like the 4200 and 3800 both take the same cartridges. So if he buys fresh ink and it still doesn't work perhaps you could buy them from him to use in your MFD.

  Totally-braindead 00:35 12 Jul 2006

Thats a thought, thanks for that its a good idea but the cartridges once opened are not meant to be refited. If he buys a full set then fair enough but he may buy only the one he needs.
Good thought anyway.

  pj123 09:24 12 Jul 2006

True, but I have refitted a few used cartridges in my Epson 895 and never had a problem.

The way I do it is.

Press the Ink button until the cartridges start to move left and then pull the power lead out of the back of the printer. Manually move the cartridges to the "replace" part of the printer.

Change the cartridge(s) and then physically move the cartridge holder all the way to the left hand side of the printer, plug the power lead back in and switch on. The printer will then re-initialise and should be OK.

  De Marcus™ 10:18 12 Jul 2006

I can't be 100% certain but I'm sure the scanner on the DX4200 I have in the office works fine with or without cartridges.

  Totally-braindead 17:31 12 Jul 2006

Thanks for that De Marcus™ I'll see if I can sort it out next week if I get a chance. I like you cannot see why the scanner wouldn't work with or without ink cartridges as it should be seperate.
I guess I'll have to wait and see what happens as I suspect it may be faulty.

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