Epson CX6600 will not install

  awest3 11:34 26 Oct 2009

I've just been given the above all-in-one printer and can't seem to get it to install. I did not get the CD so downloaded the drivers from the Epson site. Although the download goes without a hitch (I've deleted and reinstalled a couple of times now) it does not find it when I try to install. The printer is being detected as I get the new hardware message with the printer title in the message but then fails to find the software. I looked in device mgr and the printer has a couple of yellow questions marks against it. I've also tried to use windows to install but again the software is not found...Any suggestions welcomed as ever.

thanks Al

  awest3 11:35 26 Oct 2009

Sorry should have said..XP system SP3

  bjh 12:19 26 Oct 2009

I have a similar printer somewhere... the printer needs to be switched off (or not connected), the driver run, and THEN the printer turned on (or connected) only when the software install gets to that stage.... else it isn't recognised.

Does that sound possible? Obviously, uninstall drivers first, if you are going to try that.

  awest3 12:28 26 Oct 2009

Thanks for this. but I cant get the installation to work at all. The software is there... but no way,that I can see, to activate it. So although windoows recognises the printer is there it says it can't find the software....I'll give it another try..


  awest3 12:37 26 Oct 2009

I've just tried to add the printer to my Vista system with the same result..I'm missing something but not sure says that Easyprint has been downloaded ...ok but what do I do next..? There is no icon for epson in control panel...and if I plug in the printer it says software no found...I'm going to have to scratch my head a bit...


  awest3 12:45 26 Oct 2009

thats interesting Vista has loaded the printer I'm not sure if it used the softawre I downloaded or used its own built in software...I'll try the XP system again..

  Clapton is God 12:49 26 Oct 2009

Always sensible to load new software whilst disconnected from the internet and with your AV disabled

  bjh 12:54 26 Oct 2009

What form has the downloaded file taken? Can you/have you pointed windows at the folder that has the (expanded)download in it?

I thought I got an exe file that, on running, brought up an Epson install box where I chose my printer from a couple offered... ... ... then it asked me to turn printer on.... found printer ..... ... found drivers... then said "printer installed".

  Sea Urchin 13:06 26 Oct 2009

For XP you can download driver from here - save and download to desktop - then double-click on downloaded file (with printer disconnected) and follow installation procedure.

click here

  sharpamat 13:23 26 Oct 2009

Epsons can be very ackward to install

Remove all traces of the printer from your system including any folders

Download from Sea Urchins link the several files and name them

disconnect your printer from the computer USB Lead

Load the file marked Driver, this may take some time but will eventually tell you to connect your printer plug in your USB lead.

Again this may take some time, after it has installed your driver you can then load the other files

  awest3 14:31 26 Oct 2009

Thanks guys..I'll give these suggestions a try and report back..

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