Epson cx3200 won't install on XP Pro

  orlandogreenback 16:42 23 Sep 2004

It's on a friend's computer, passed down from someone. The hard drive is a measly 10gb, its a pentium 2 and for some reason he's installed Xp Pro on it!!
Anyway, pop the disk in and we get 2 messages;
first, it claims commdlg.dll is missing, then it says PROGRAMME CANNOT BE EXECUTED DUE TO CONFIGURATION SETTING PROBLEM. XP recognises the hardware but the windows setup wizard can't find the installation software. I'm puzzled. Anyone?
Thanks in advance.

  jack 16:57 23 Sep 2004

What is an Epson CX3200 scanner or printer?

I suspect its a scanner. correct?
But I do not know the vintage.
However if it goes with the computer and is of that age, then it will not run on XP.

It seems that scanner may have builtin hardware to control scan/resolution/traction where the instrustion are on ROMs, and the whole lump designed to run on 95/98 /me family computers.
This will not be able to read the NTFS commands
from XP.
Various manufucturers of other devices have produced upgrade drivers for their 95/8 machines, but in general are not successful
because because of the aforementioned internal firm ware.
So its back to 95/98 for the machine or a new scanner.

  orlandogreenback 17:07 23 Sep 2004

an all in one scanner/copier/printer.
Sorry, should have been clearer on this earlier; the computer is old and inherited, and had Xp installed by the previous owner. The cx3200 is a new addition. Does this change anything?

  orlandogreenback 17:39 23 Sep 2004

Install fine on my own computer, by the way, running XP Pro but a much better spec. Am I gonna have to tell this guy that for the purposes of the cx3200 the thing's shot?!

  pj123 17:51 23 Sep 2004

That's strange. I have just looked at the System Requirements for the cx3200 and it doesn't mention Windows XP at all. click here

So maybe need to get a driver update??

  pj123 17:57 23 Sep 2004

There is a driver on the Epson site for W2K and Win XP click here

  norman47 18:43 23 Sep 2004

The Epson cx3200( mfd) has worked perfectly well for me on win x\p pro with sp 1 and sp2. This is with using the supplied software.

  orlandogreenback 19:04 23 Sep 2004

installs and prints just fine. The driver I just downloaded from Epson is actually one version earlier than the one on the disk, as opposed to Curiouser and curiouser.

  norman47 19:37 23 Sep 2004

Well the Pentium 2's system requirement look alright as epson state " Pentium 300, 128 Mb ram with 550Mb of hard drive space". This is the recommended level and not the Minimum level for X\P pro.

click here

  orlandogreenback 22:33 23 Sep 2004

That may be the problem; he's only got 64mb of Ram. I've explained the whole mimimum requirement thing to him but he's happy to chug along like he is. Methinks he'll have to settle for a slightly less complicated printer like the i250.

  pj123 15:31 24 Sep 2004

Very strange. How do you download a Canon i250 printer driver from the Epson site???

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