epson cartridges.....empty ?

  Dasmad 22:22 12 Sep 2007

does anybody know if it's possible to dupe an Epson prionter/scanner /copier (DX4800) into thinking its separate colour cartridges are not empty, so that one can continue using for b/w printing.

  SANTOS7 22:29 12 Sep 2007

You can run your new, fuel-injected car until the gas tank is empty, and then enjoy paying £1,000's to fix the damaged injectors.

The EXACT same thing can be done to your Epson printer. Those piezoelectric injectors NEED ink to keep them cool. To ensure that they never pump air, Epson has the printer 'count' injections. Since you won't pay millions for absolutely accurate micromachining, Epson leaves a 'fudge factor' in the calcs, so you don't destroy those print heads.

  martjc 22:48 12 Sep 2007

We all have to pay for printer cartridges - and the Epson ones are cheap enough. Stop moaning. Get new ones!!!!!!

  Meshuga 07:51 13 Sep 2007

I agree entirely with martjc, how tight can you get. Epson carts are dirt cheap. Take the padlock off your wallet.

  [email protected] 08:01 13 Sep 2007

have a look here for epson compatibles
click here

  Miros 08:01 13 Sep 2007

You seem pretty clued up on Epson Print Cartridges.
Do you know if it is possible to DIY refill them? Or would you not advise?

  Miros 08:11 13 Sep 2007

That would seem a very good deal. I bookmarked that for future use.

  Meshuga 08:13 13 Sep 2007

Epson carts are easily refilled but in view of the messy process and the cost of replacement its not worth it.

  Miros 08:43 13 Sep 2007

The reason I ask is I have some refill inks left over from an old HP printer I had, and was wondering could I use them on my new Epson.

Dasmad. Excuse my apparent hijacking of you thread but the questions are all relevant to your original question I think and hopefully you may find then of use also.

  jack 09:02 13 Sep 2007

Epson Compats are now so cheap that refilling with all its attendant mess is hardly practical- but the kits are out there if you feel like a try.
You will also need a 'Zapper' to reset the chip.

There are many makes of compat, and Choice Stationery own are among the most reliable.

A tip Epson is not easily fooled by some compats and will reject them. The cure when removing the used cartridge - prize off the old chip- keeping it colour for colour and swap it to the new cart[its a simple peg and notch register- so you cant get it in wrong.
Then Zero it with the Zapper.

Also download the Epson utility - click here
Learn how to use it and join the forum

  jack 09:07 13 Sep 2007

Just to make you all envious
There is a stall in our local Saturday market selling Epson carts for 5 for a tenner for R300 series and RX 420 and others
They are pretty good too.
He does other stuf for Lexies/Dell etc.. All equally as cheap.

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