epson cartridge chip question

  square eyes 00:15 11 Sep 2006

Hi to all, did search for this topic but no answers.
I have an Epson stylus C42 printer, i only require black prints so therefore spending on colour ink would be nothing more than a waste of money. However im a bit stuck now as the colour ink has finally run out and refuses to print anything even though i have a new black cartridge. The reason for this is the chip on the cartridge alerts the printer that colour has run out so user needs to spend 30 pounds on colour ink to use printer again :( duh

After a bit of googling i found some sites with compatible cartridges for a seventh of the price! £4

click here

I also found a "chip resetter" for 8 pounds that stops your printer from locking up as a result of no colour ink.

click here

So, the ink at 4 quid seems the best way to allow me to print again (in future i'll select black only so colour wont be used), but im concerned whether or not it will reset the printer.

It probably would as they then wouldn't be "compatible", but i would like confirmation from someone please that the 4 quid cartridge WILL work. I didn't see info about chips on the site

Thanks for any light shedding

  Totally-braindead 00:22 11 Sep 2006

Its just Epson trying to get you to buy one from them. The compatible will work fine. Personally I use Choicestationery. If you do a fair bit of text printing however you could buy a cheap mono laser, you can get one for about £50 and they are much cheaper to run.

  square eyes 00:28 11 Sep 2006

ok thanks for that, shame Epson couldnt be satisfied with honest sales instead of stitching us folks up.

Cheers, i'l go with the compatible, not fussed about the colour ink quality anyway as i just want to print agian.

  Strawballs 01:26 11 Sep 2006

As you only print in black have you ever thought about a laser printer? you can get an HP 1 for under £60.

  Strawballs 01:26 11 Sep 2006

Sorry click here Example

  square eyes 00:47 13 Sep 2006

Thanks stawballs, i dont print that much and i've just received a colour cartridge for 4 quid, cant be bad.

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