Epson c86 prom

  swanny2 15:29 29 Jan 2007

Hi there. ive got a epson printer,ive only used it a few times. now the other day when i went too turn it on i spotted a rather large spring just inside where the Paper goes,now im not sure if its dropped in there,or its come out,only when i turn me Printer on,theres like a bit of a whirring sound .and the paper wqont feed in..
Any 1 else had a similar prob,and does the spring belong too the Printer.
Swanny :O)

  Sharpamatt 18:41 29 Jan 2007

its odds on the spring has not come from the printer. more likeley stuff has fallen in

if the spring is not from the printer its possable other items have fallen in as well. open the lid and look inside.

When you turn on have the top open and ensure the print head ( Its where you put the ink cartridges ) moves because if its got anything jamming it it wont move and that can cause the whirring noise

  swanny2 21:23 29 Jan 2007

cherrs theres nothing blocked. it seems like them rollers where the paper goes makes a slight wurring noise on start up. But when i put the paper in say 10 sheets,it looks no where near the rollers are,too pull the paper in, this what,s not workin now. Paper wont feed in? no idea. thanks anyway.
Swanny :O)

  swanny2 21:42 29 Jan 2007

ive just been looking where the paper feeds in and the plastic piece where the slider for the paper is just came loose,i took it out ,it just clips in either side. But ive noticed a small balck lever on the right hand side nr the rollers and not sure if this Plastic piece ive took out goes underneath it or on top ,but neither seem too fit only when i just place it in its ok. Still the paper wont feed in tho.

  swanny2 22:08 29 Jan 2007

Just got a message now saying Sub Sppoler needs too close? is that something too do with my Pprinter?

  Sharpamatt 07:21 30 Jan 2007

When the paper is placed in it does not seem to be near the rollers Because the printer feeds it in one sheet at a time.

The bit of plastic is vague unless its the lock for the paper size adjustment ( This is where you can move the two guides which you put the paper into. so leave it out.

The noise if its coming from where you discribe COULD be a paper jam where a sheet or part of a sheet has stuck

Is your printer stil under waranty if so contact Epson or the shop you got it from

If you look at your instructions one of the buttons is paper feed put paper in the printer and press this which will load one sheet and then eject it. that will confirm the feed is working.

The sub spooler is part of the controlls of the printer. I would suggest first remove the printer. Turn it off. then disconnect it from your system. use first in Control Pannel, add remove programs all epson listed programs, when this is complets. reboot.

Open drive C and delete all epson folders, then still in C open program files and repeat deleating Epson Items.

If you are not confident of doing this seek a local shop because the wrong action could ruin your system

Once this has been done reinstall your epson folloing the instruction word for word and not connecting your printer untill it tells you to do so.

  swanny2 12:36 01 Feb 2007

thanks mate but the paper wont even feed one at a time. i will bin it an buy a new one. thanks.

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