Epson C86 printer problem

  pimpers 23:36 12 Aug 2005

I have an Epson C86 photo printer that always prints very dark pictures which differs from the screen image.

I have an LG TFL which has been matched to the printer and the printers settings has identified the screen and vice versa.

When an image is on the screen it looks very good, colours, contrast etc look fine until I print the picture off.

I have played about with the colour settings, contrast settings and used all of the options available to me and saved them to use when required.

Has anyone else had the same problem with dark pictures?

It's driving me mad!!!

Thanks in advance.


  pimpers 23:40 12 Aug 2005

Would my actions be the same as a provious posting "Colours when printing are too strong" by Amyfleur?



  jack 08:48 13 Aug 2005

Big Topic this.
So let's start by asking a few questions.
1. Do you edit/adjust images in a photo editor , if so which one?

2. What type of paper are you using?

3. Is the printer set to that type of paper?

If you can go back to Amyfleur post right click on
the title, copy address, and post into your reply which will put the address in your post then I/we can cross reference it.

  pimpers 11:17 14 Aug 2005


Thanks for the reply.

Slight error, the printer is an C84 not C86, done from memory at work, I don't think there is much difference here.

The paper is Fujifilm Multijet glossy, medium weight.

The printer is set to photo paper.


The link is
click here



  pimpers 11:21 14 Aug 2005

Sorry the link is this one click here


  pimpers 22:33 07 Oct 2005

The problem lies with the XP, SP2. For some reason the drivers do not work on Epson printers when SP2 is loaded onto the PC.

I have now downloaded the latest driver for my printer from the Epson website. This has sorted out the SP2 problems.

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