Epson c86 Printer

  swanny2 22:04 19 Oct 2005

when im printing something off, the text on the page seems slanted on the sheet the paper is inserted properley .and me glasses arnt but the text isnt straight. Any ideas Please.
Swanny. :O)

  swanny2 22:28 19 Oct 2005

Ive just printed a page of ,and part of the text is missing at the end all down the right hand side of the page ,even tho theres a 1 inch gap at the end for it too print on..hmm any ideas plz.

  spuds 12:12 21 Oct 2005
  DieSse 17:28 21 Oct 2005

Probably the carriage bar needs lubricating.

This is the shiny steel bar that runs right across the inside of the printer, that the print carriage runs along.

First switch off the printer!!

Wipe it clean with strong tissues/soft cloth dampened with alcohol.

Then put light lubricating oil onto a clean tissue/ cloth, and wipe the bar with this. DO NOT spray lubricant into the printer - don't use an excess of it either.

If you want to clean the bar fully, right to the end where the head usually sits - operate the printer - and whilst the print-head is in the middle of the bar, pull out the mains lead. This will leave the carriage in the middle of the bar, and you can freely move it by hand. You otherwise can't move it from it's parking position when the prnter is off.

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