Epson C80 inkjet printer

  RamdenPam 18:24 10 Jan 2003
  RamdenPam 18:24 10 Jan 2003

Bought new in September 2002. First replaced by epson on christmas eve, broken in transit. 2nd replacement arrived new years eve. Very unsatisfactory. Have to replace again, but not epson. Any suggestions for a decent ppm. Also epson tell me that even black printing uses colour cartridges because the heads are cleaned every time started up. Criminal waste of colour cartridge. 3 cartridges half empty but no colour printing done just black with head cleaning.

Does any other manufacturer go down the road of wasting customers money when each cartridge is £9+

Appreciate feedback - going shopping Sunday!!

  €dstow 18:34 10 Jan 2003

Most operate in the same way - all colours and black are used in the cleaning process. The answer is to only switch the printer on when you are going to use it or keep it switched on permanently.

You could, of course, invest in a laser printer. These don't go through a cleaning cycle.


  Bun 19:28 10 Jan 2003

Dunno how much c80 printers are but i have just purchased an epson 830 under £100. This has a separate black cartridge but as Ed said the auto cleaning is done to all cartridges black or colour.

  pj123 13:49 11 Jan 2003

Leave your printer switched on all the time, it doesn't do a cleaning cycle then. You could also go to the choicestationery website where replacement ink cartridges are far cheaper. go to click here

  Pesala 16:11 11 Jan 2003

Why are you disappointed with your printer? Using a colour printer only for black is bound to wasteful. Buy a cheap laser, and use colour only when you need to, as Edstow suggests. Laser printers are very much cheaper and quicker to run for printing black text and greyscale graphics. You can print colour drafts in greyscale to save waste.

Colour matching no good? Matching output on a colour printer is very difficult. Lots of settings in the driver to adjust to get it right. Printing in draft mode on bright white inkjet paper gives satisfactory results for what I need. Photo glossy paper and high quality mode can be brilliant, but colours are sometimes very different and prints take time to dry. I ruined a few by touching them too soon.

  pj123 18:18 11 Jan 2003

May I suggest you try choice stationery as well, they do Instant Dry Photo Glossy paper. Go to click here

  Pesala 19:17 18 Jan 2003

I don't do much printing on glossy paper. I found that printing in draft mode on Datacopy laser paper was good enough for my Newsletters, booklets, and Calendars, which is mostly what I do.

Maybe my eyesight is fading due to staring at computer screens, but I can barely tell the difference of using high-quality papers, and photo-enhanced modes. It just takes MUCH longer.

Glossy is a bit better for photoprints. I still have about 45 sheets of Xerox High Gloss Photopaper. Thanks for the link - 20p a sheet is about average I guess.

  shifty 20:31 18 Jan 2003

I use a C70+ and only switch it on when needed due to the big drop in ink levels when cleaning and charging. On the not of compatibles and choice stationary, I've just returned a batch of cartridges after the printer rejected them, would'nt even recognise them as compatibles. I have had the same success with other suppliers so I am know sticking to originals from 7 dayshop, not worth the hassle mess and waist of money.

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