Epson c70 thinks it has a paper jam...

  MIke 20:27 05 Jun 2005

... but it hasn't.

My C70 was printing fine, until I changed the cyan cartridge which had run out.

Now the print head moves over to left and stays there the low ink warning light is on, the paper jam light is flashing and green light is flashing.

Epson status monitor tells me to remove foreign object or paper jam. Leave printer off for a few minutes then switch on. All to no avail.

No idea what's gone wrong. When I switch on print head moves from left to right but paper doesn't try to load, and the usual head cleaning sounds don't occur. Any ideas before I bin the printer??

  jack 20:38 05 Jun 2005

I Am having the same problem with an R300 see todays posts, also this has been reported beore on this forum only recently- but a search did not turn up the page so I am still looking.
Iam wondering now if this colud be some new form of nasty?
Have you for example downloaded a revised driver?
Are your running XP wiyh SP2 inplace?
Take a look at my R300 post .
It may be a good idea to workk this one together

  Joe R 20:40 05 Jun 2005


this is the other posting.

click here

  MIke 20:43 05 Jun 2005

I do have SP2, but printer has worked fine with SP2. The only thing I did was print one page sucessfully, take the old cyan cartridge out and replace it.

No new drivers, in fact no new anything for weeks.

I've looked at various postings re phantom paper jams,, and just about to re-seat my ink cartridges as I read Epson suggested that.

  jack 20:45 05 Jun 2005

Mike the following is the Epson response to my plea on Sat 4/6

Thank you for contacting EPSON e-mail support.

The error you have reported would signify that the unit has either a foreign object inside the printer or one of the cartridges are not seated correctly.

I would first suggest you attempt to reseat all the cartridges then power the unit off. Power the printer back on. If the error lights remain on I would suggest you check the printer for any foreign objects and remove any paper or other items that may have fallen in to the printer.

If these measures fail it would indicate a sensor error or an internal hardware fault within the printer. For this reason the printer will need to be serviced.

If your product is within warranty, you can take your printer to one of our EPSON Express Centres.

Firstly, products will be checked and tested by the Express Centre. If for any reason the Express Centre is unable to repair your unit, they will swap the product providing proof of purchase is supplied and the product is within warranty. The whole experience is expected to take 30 minutes in total, however EPSON recommend that you contact the Express Centre by phone before visiting to check stock availability and the expected timescale of service.

Should the product be older than 30 days, then the unit will be replaced with a Quality Assured unit. A Quality Assured product is a unit that has previously been returned to EPSON and repaired. It will have been fully serviced and met our strict Quality Assured standards. The outer casing should be free from scratches, blemishes and should be aesthetically pleasing. EPSON believe that this provides our customers with an effective and efficient service.

If your unit is out of warranty, you may still take your product to your local Express Centre. Please be advised that for any repairs made, a charge will be incurred. If there are no Express Centres within a reasonable travelling distance, you can contact our National service Care Centre on +44 (0)1684 853116 who will be able to arrange for the product to be repaired under a chargeable Return to Base service.

For further information on EPSON Express Centres and their locations in your area, please visit us at;

click here (UK)
click here (Ireland)


Zach Lutner
e-Service Support Technician
EPSON Customer [email protected] Centre

Go to click here for all your genuine EPSON consumables.
Or call Consumable Sales on 08702 417251.


Extend your warranty to 3 years with prices starting from £34.08, available up to 12 months from date of purchase on all products.

***********CONTACT 08704 437766 FOR FURTHER DETAILS***********

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  MIke 20:52 05 Jun 2005


Thanks for posting the response you got from Epson.

I've re-seated my cartridges, but still no joy. My yellow is now showing empty, whereas I know its not, only recently replaced it at same time as replacing my black last week. Looks like there is some fault with my printer, as it's about 3 yrs old and out of warranty I suppose it's ready for the bin.

Before that I'll try cleaning the contacts that the chip on cartridges make with the print head you never know.


  MIke 21:35 05 Jun 2005

Still no go on the printer. I've resurrected my old Canon BJC4200, which although slow printing and been in mothballs for three years, only coming out now and again to print from my laptop, printed perfectly and thought the heads would be clogged!

Maybe I'll get a new Canon as a replacement.

I'll ticked resolved even though it's not.

  jack 17:50 06 Jun 2005

Mike there is a possible solution if it turns out a cartridge is showing empty - reset the counter.
This can be done by one of two ways.
1. purchase a Zapper - about a tenner from click here among many others

or for free by downlading the Epson utility

from click here
selecting the Engilsh version - the original is Russian.

Another E-mail from Epson today offer to exchange out of warranty printer for a refurb for £45.

Wil copy the mail to you if interested.

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