epson c70 gobledegook

  pussy 12:54 11 Feb 2003

with response to my problem on the c70, i have inserted all 4 cartridges. the problem know is that whatever i print it comes out with basically rubbish(loads of ticks/u's/=== etc.etc)is this a driver problem or a printer problem. i have tried both usb(does not print anything)and parallel port but prints rubbish.thanks for any help.

  MichelleC 13:03 11 Feb 2003

Is there a yellow ! in device manager under printer, if so it's the driver. U can replace/update.

  watchful 13:15 11 Feb 2003

Where did you get the cartridges from then?

Were any of the suggestions made yesterday, in your other thread, of any help?

If you click on discussion forums in the yellow header to this page you'll see 'my postings' in a grey box. Click on this and it takes you to your other threads; then you can tick off yesterday's.

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