Epson C64 - No Print

  L_Driver 10:29 20 Feb 2007

My son changed all carts on this ( 1 Blk 3 Col ).
Printer s/ware sees all as OK. Absolutely NO print produced from any app. Question- If there was a prob with for instance the Black Cart would this stop the printer producing any print at all ( ie even the colours fail to print from a test page ) ?
I ask this cos the black cart when I removed it looks an absolute mess around the ink hole ( messy bits of plastic film extending around this area ).
Running nozzle check or head cleaner seems to go through the process but again the check pages from these processes produce NO print. ALL the carts are genuine ( not refills or Compats ) supplied from Viking. Had C64 2 years. Never any probs prev. and never any probs with carts from Viking. Any suggestions most welcome ( hate anything to do with prtrs tho can do most other things with the PC itself ! ). Ta in advance.

  terryf 11:52 20 Feb 2007

click here or maybe buy a new one? least hassle

  L_Driver 11:54 21 Feb 2007

Ta for comment. Have left with Repair Service to see if they can assist. Agent talked about "cartridge change counter reset" or something like that. It may be that this printer ( all printers ??? ) have some mechanical mechanism that acts as a control for the effective service life of a printer. This appears to be summat that can be reset. I will leave this unresolved for a little while and update it if I have something useful to pass on.

  L_Driver 16:37 21 Feb 2007

Further to above. Repair centre said they could do nothing "your printer is dead" was the tech info supplied. I am gonna take it apart and clean ink nozzles and printhead if I can. Problem is altho I can see nozzles, I have NO CLUE where printhead located or how to get at it. Could some kind soul possibly advise where I could get online access to servicing tips or an online manual ? Please don`t advise looking at Epson site as it is useless for this type of info ( ie they don`t supply it ! ).

  Technotiger 16:40 21 Feb 2007

Hi, why give yourself all that hassle - new printers are so cheap these days, I would advise you to bite the bullet and get yourself a nice clean shiny new printer.

  SLAYER 16:46 21 Feb 2007

Have a look here L_Driver,especially the links in the post.

click here

and here,

click here

and here,

click here

  chub_tor 16:51 21 Feb 2007

You have nothing to lose by trying to fix it click here click here

  L_Driver 17:26 21 Feb 2007

Ta very much chub_tor those links are useful. I now know where the Printhead is located. In reply to Technotiger, it would cost about £60 for a new printer AND I have 3 colour and 1 BW cart for my current printer ( which is not compat with any of Epsons current inkjets ). Value of carts at least £40. ie New printer costs me £100. I`ll take a charge at it myself with some Alcohol and a syringe. If I sort it, Roca Systems of Belfast will have some searching questions to answer.

  Technotiger 17:35 21 Feb 2007

OK friend - good luck.

  chub_tor 19:31 21 Feb 2007

I've managed to fix two very dried up old printers (an Epson 740 and a an Epson 880) bought from a garage sale in Texas for $5 each using the tips shown in those links - although I did use Windex window cleaner, which is sometimes recommended and sometimes not. It's really satisfying when you see the test prints come out in full colour. Good luck.

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