Epson 870 - Using paper roll?

  Diemmess 17:42 10 Dec 2005

Originally bundled when this printer was new, - a gizmo to support paper in a roll (and about 4 metres X 100mm of Premium Glossy as a sample)

The software CD, the printer setup, the website Help and latest drivers, all mention choosing under paper selection 'Roll [email protected] Nowhere can I find the option on screen, and the inevitable result even using "User Defined" is a nice print plus about a metre of paper winding through before the printer stops!

I have to pull the rest through and re-roll it on the spindle. Not the kindest way to treat PG paper!

I'll not lose any sleep over this, and probably cut the coiled paper into suitable lengths, I've kept it long enough.

If any one out there has personal experience of this.... an Epson 870 and paper rolls..... and had it work for them..... Please tell me how they do it?

  pj123 17:53 10 Dec 2005

Had the same thing with my Epson 895. But I found Epson was the only supplier of roll paper and quite expensive at that so I never bothered.

  Diemmess 18:04 10 Dec 2005

Out with the trimmer then and wait for the day when I have something small and would like it very glossy.

Its funny, I was a child during the second world war and it became instilled in me "Never throw anything away - it might be useful." It often was!

I moved house 15 years ago and it took ages to decide what to sling out. Now, all those years later I have already the same problem....again.

Anyone like a 1Mb Simm or Sipp? I have some which cost a small fortune and it seems a shame to sling them and a hundred other things as well.

  TonyAA 18:16 10 Dec 2005

I have the roll holders but never used it but under Printing Preferences a tab says Paper and it shows Paper Source with a drop down menu with Sheet Feeder or Paper Roll.Also under Paper Size you set it to user defined.

  Diemmess 18:33 10 Dec 2005

'Was all ready to say you were wrong.
You are right!
I am really getting dense!

Thanks, though I shall not be fiddling with that printer again tonight. Most times I use an EPL-5800 and there's not much choice in paper selection there, but that's another story...

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