Epson 860 Stylus makes me ******!

  An9ella 14:26 05 Jan 2004

Has anyone an idea how the cartridge destroying hardware program can be overidden on above printer please? (ie = take a cartridge out half way thru' and it won't work again)

Any suggestions from you experts would be gratefully received?


  Sheila-214876 14:59 05 Jan 2004

What it is it you are trying to do? The only way to take out a cartridge from an Epson printer that isn't empty is "lift the lid, switch the printer on, and when the cartridges start moving to the left pull the mains lead out from the back of the printer. Now physically move the ink cradle to where you can lift the lids and take the cartridges out and replace with (either new ones or the old ones back in again)" Now replace the main power and switch the printer on again. It should re-initialise.

  An9ella 15:31 05 Jan 2004

I need to try cleaning cartridges ennuye, and these two cartridges I have in at the moment are new, so didn't want to destroy them? All things are working on the dammed thing (Status etc) and it's trying to print but no ink!


  Sheila-214876 16:03 05 Jan 2004

OK. No problem. Do what I said previously but put your cleaning cartridges in and perform a cleaning cycle. I would suggest you keep going until the cleaning cartridges run out. Now do the same routine to put the real ink cartridges back in again. You may have to re-boot your computer as well. If you do this in one fell swoop you should have no problem, if you are going to do it over a few days you will need to put some sellotape over the ink cartridges you take out, to stop the ink from leaking.

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