Epson 750 Print envelopes problem

  Ankermi31 13:21 11 Nov 2004

I am having problems with printing white envelopes for some reason it will not print.

I have not changed the way I instruct it to print - tried it via Word and from the printer programme, everything goes through press print and bingo nothing. Put in an A4 envelope and it centralises perfectly!!

There is a message saying I have changed my Word settings and to select default. If I do that all kinds of things go off the air!

What do I need to do. Please reply in simple terms 'cos I am getting on a bit in years and am on a learning curve! Should I try to reinstall Epson?

  Diemmess 14:56 11 Nov 2004

---------"everything goes through press print and bingo nothing. Put in an A4 envelope and it centralises perfectly"-------------

Are you saying that the printer makes the usual noises but no printing appears on the envelopes?

Or are you saying that when the final print command is made, absolutely nothing happens?

Either way, I suspect the problem lies with Word rather than the printer.

I am assuming that when you are printing envelopes, you are setting it up through the Word dropdown [Envelopes and Lables] menu, and choosing which size of envelope to use?

Perhaps not, and since you say it will print A4 envelopes, it may be you are setting the address like a document to print A4, but feeding smaller paper into the printer, then the "printing has not happened" by the time the paper is through!

A simple way to sort that is to make your text appear "earlier" by reference to the rulers.

  Ankermi31 16:10 11 Nov 2004

Thanks for your reply and I reply as follows:-

1. Printer makes the "usual noises" envelope goes through nothing printed on it!!

2. Correct I am using the Word drop down Menu selecting envelope size etc (have done this in metric and imperial)

3. I am not setting the printer up to take A4 envelopes though I just put one in to see what happened with the white envelope settings and thats when I found it centralises on the large envelope perfectly!

4. "A simple way to sort that is to make your text appear "earlier" by reference to the rulers." PASS. Do not understand, please explain.


  Diemmess 19:39 11 Nov 2004

By printing earlier, I meant that if you were printing an A4 file keep the address text near the top of the page. A rather silly suggestion, but I feel you could do worse than try printing an envelope the way you do, and then use A4 paper rather than an envelope and see what happens.

If that in effect is what you have been doing, then the answer must lie in the configuration of the printer. You will need to search all the off-shoots of the primter menu, Paper, size, properties and print preview as well if you can.

  jack 19:55 11 Nov 2004

This appears to be more a Word Processor problem.
That is when print is hit the printer runs
but nothing happens, but it actually does
but the text is in the wrong place. - to prove this set an envelope print as you normally do, but this time put a full A4 sheet in.
You will possibly see the address on the sheet
But in the wrong place.
Have you got the envelope in the right way[Narrow edge first flap on the left?]
If yes then the template part of the WP prog is skewed- repair or reinstall

  Bingalau 20:25 11 Nov 2004

Correct me if I am wrong..But I think an A4 envelope is a different size to an A4 sheet of paper and this could be causing your problem. Don't ask me how to rectify it though 'cos I write all my envelopes out by hand

  CHAIRLEG 20:35 11 Nov 2004

Have you tried page set up in word for envelopes,this gives options for the way the envelope is loaded just click on the one you want

  CHAIRLEG 20:44 11 Nov 2004

When you have typed your address click file/page setup/envelope/pick from chart.

  Ankermi31 20:03 19 Nov 2004

Hi everyone, Sorry for the delay due to family illness 300 miles from home!!
OK have tried everything the nearest to rectification has been Chairleg. It actually printed correctly - once- then flipped again.
Have used Word and Printer to set it off. Tried printing them by selecting different options still no luck.
Come on guys give me some more suggestions I am sure it will sort it out Maybe Chairleg has another "leg" somewhere to give support!!

  CHAIRLEG 22:41 19 Nov 2004

Hi Ankermi.When i want to print envelopes,I open word task schedular and click on envelopes i then go through the set up options and then when i've typed in the address etc i go to file/ page set up/envelopes and pick option.I find this works for me but i always check page set up before i print.

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