Epson 740 Printer not working on XP

  Muckleface 14:08 21 Apr 2003

Ive just installed windows XP onto my PC which was previously running 98SE. I have an Epson 740 printer which was running fine under 98SE but now I seem to be having problems.

The printer goes through the motions of prinitng, feeds paper through, no error messages etc. BUT NOTHING PRINTS TO THE PAPER?!

Ive had a look on the Epson website for any updates but it seems that there are none for the 740 :s

Any ideas?


  pj123 14:46 21 Apr 2003

I think you need to download the driver for Windows 2000 which I am told works. Although I have not tried it myself.

  SEASHANTY 14:57 21 Apr 2003

Yes pj123 is correct. I have the Epson 740 also and also using on Windows 98SE. Now I have the Aldi supplied Medion with XP Home I have had to upgrade to Windows 2000 drivers. It works fine and the reason I like this printer so much is that I can get compatible ink cartridges 5 colour and 5 B&W for less than £20 post free. It's the best bargain I ever bought.. I think it tells you on the epson site to use the windows 2000 drivers for XP.

  Muckleface 16:16 21 Apr 2003

Hasnt resolved it!?

Im still gettin blank pages coming through?


  SEASHANTY 19:59 21 Apr 2003

I take it that you removed the old windows 98SE
drivers first before installing the new 2000 drivers. In my case it was treated as a new installation as it was a new computer with XP already fitted. Using the USB port and it worked okay first time. Try removing it completely from your system then reinstall it as a new install.
Maybe that will get the 2000 drivers to work.

  Muckleface 18:11 01 May 2003

GRRR! :@

Ive tried everything, Ive removed, reinstalled, deleted, changed, everything! Ive been through all the epson troubleshooters, website help, my manuals, everything!

I seem to be able to print colours but not black?!

I vaguley remember the black cartridge was low before I switched to XP so I think its probably run out.

Thing is, the printer "colour" button should flash red if a cartridge needs replacing, and its not flashing! If i hold it down for three seconds it just cleans the print head instead of moving the carriage to the left for cartridge instalation.

As far as I can tell there is no manual way to replace the cartridges.



  SEASHANTY 15:31 03 May 2003

You seem to be having a whole heap of trouble. You could try removing the top plastic cover from the printer. It appears to be held by two screws either side of the inside of the hinged lid and there are also two screws at the either side, top, rear. I haven't tried removing this but reckon it should work. Removal of the top casing will give you access to the print cartridges. I did try stopping my printer once in its mid-flight across the carriage by the simple process of turning off the power and physically stopping the cartridge holders in mid section. Don't recommend this tho - it took ages to get a stable print out after changing the cartridges by this method. Hope you manage to sort it out.

  ton 22:25 03 May 2003

With the printer switched on, hold down the paper load button for three seconds. The cartridges should then move to the change position. Press same button again after you've changed the cartridge.

  Stuart-268778 00:05 04 May 2003

have you tried using the wizard on xp to add the correct driver for epson 740? i had the same problem with my epson 640 when i got xp but it seems to be working fine now. go to control panel-printers and faxes then select add printer. then just select epson 740 from the list. hope that helps

  hugh-265156 00:15 04 May 2003

how was the problem fixed?if not have you used the head cleaning utillity in status monitor?

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