epson 740 printer

  mightymaggot111 17:41 08 Jun 2006

i have a problem with my printer, epson stylus colour 740, used to work ok on my computer windows xp, then bought a new printer, but the ink cartridges were very expensive so went back to this one, anyway had to do a complete reformat af the computer and all the software that came with it deleted, my fault for not saving it, when i went to reinstal the software off the installation cd, found that the cd was cracked beyond repair. when i installed the printer with add new printer, it worked fine for a couple of days then it just started printing out unusual charachters and not proper text, also will not print photos or any documents, and just keep printing these funny characters for pages and pages although i only ask for it to print one copy. please help

  SANTOS7 17:43 08 Jun 2006

click here
updating drivers may help..

  mightymaggot111 18:13 08 Jun 2006

think i may be out of ink now, back later

  Woolwell 18:39 08 Jun 2006

I had a 740 which ran under Windows XP. If I remember correctly the driver is built into XP and XP should recognise the printer ok. However what I did lose was the ink monitor. I would uninstall and reinstall.
The 740 is getting on a bit now. What is/was your new printer? You may well get advice about where to buy your cartridges thus reducing running costs.

  jack 19:45 08 Jun 2006

XP has basic criver for this printer- Install the printer and asked click select from list/Epson/Stylus 740- and you are away- Epson may have diversto down load but as stated its a bit ancient.
Meanwhile investigae third part disks from places like Choice Stationery among many others.

  karmgord 20:31 08 Jun 2006

when epson printers print out gobledegook (lots of small random characters)0ne cure is to go into the bios and set the parrallel printer port to normal NOT ECC or ECP as i think this was a DMA problem,give it a try if you are confident altering BIOS settings if it does n't cure just revert back

  Hertz Van Rentyl 21:03 08 Jun 2006

software for your printer
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  mightymaggot111 08:55 09 Jun 2006

how do i get into the BIOS settings

  Hertz Van Rentyl 10:20 09 Jun 2006

Why don't you install the Epson driver and status monitor software and see if it works. See post above @ 21.03

  mightymaggot111 18:48 11 Jun 2006

still the same

  mightymaggot111 18:51 11 Jun 2006

my new printer is an epson stylus c84, the cartridges were over £50 for the set, as we do a lot of printing and photos it ran out really quickly

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