Epson 680 lights

  User-2A1A8EED-B1B2-454F-8F199443AE648272 15:55 08 Mar 2004

I'm using a 680 epson stylus,since Sunday the the top two lights have been flashing alternate(green power and red ink/paper lights)Epson status moniter says parts inside need maintenance contact tech support,but I can't get much info from there,when I can get the site up.The printer is about 2 year old.Thanks Ian L

  BEVERLEY-256334 16:59 08 Mar 2004

Try this.
click here

Sent them the e-mail but still no joy.I'm qiute confident to pull it apart,to try and fix it.Any suggestions.

  Eric10 16:38 09 Mar 2004

click here and download the program from the link provided by The Spires then follow the rest of his advice.

Thanks looked into this idea.Got to take my printer apart yet but it may work.Thanks

  Eric10 09:33 10 Mar 2004

I've used the software to reset ink levels on my Epson 870 printer and that worked and a friend successfully resurrected another Epson printer which had stopped working altogether (with all lights flashing) by resetting the protection counter.

It is probably as well to clean the ink pads as suggested but since the protection counter is based on time rather than any ink detection process you could reset this counter before doing anything else to see if it's going to work.

When you run the software it puts an icon to the right of your taskbar and right-clicking this gives access to all its features.

Thanks Eric10 got my printer working.the 680 varies slightly,as the inkpads is one large one with no electronics and a small strip both cleaned anyway with Meths.Then used the utility to reset the printer(took about 6 attemps)eventually.It dumped my black cartridge out of use,but put another make in and now have a working printer.Thanks for the help....:)

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