mcmahon 18:29 04 Mar 2006

Has anyone else had trouble with epson products, I have an epson1640xl scanner which installed in spanish, which I have now discovered was easier to learn the language than trying to get it to revert to english.
Then I have just bought a R2400 printer which prints with the all the quality of a potato print, and although explaining quite obvious things like don't wash your printer in the bath etc they fail to tell you why the printer arrives with two different inks and which to use.
Epson also do not provide A USB cable to connect it to the pc.
If any body is on the lookout for a cheap printer this one may be on Ebay shortly

  Diemmess 18:38 04 Mar 2006

Last first
Most firms no longer include a printer computer connection. Penny pinching I know, but you can buy a generic one for very little.

Potato printer - can you return to vendor? or if you dare.... phone them on tech support, you will receive a human voice talking with an English tongue. They may send an engineer who may swop your new one for a replacement with the same warranty.

Cut your losses, download the English driver from the Epson website

  mosfet 18:42 04 Mar 2006

Sorry you have probs. My Epsom's are a few yrs old but have been 100% very pleased with them both no probs at all, great printing & really great scanner. Epsom Stylus colour 680 & Perfection 3200 scanner...Les

  rmcqua 20:17 04 Mar 2006

I've had a variety of Epson scanners and printers over the past 7 years and never had a moment's trouble with any of them.

  The Old Mod 20:36 04 Mar 2006

Hi, All of my printers have been Epsons, now running an 895 and a R200. Also have an Epson scanner, they have never let me down. Most if not all companies do not provide usb cables.

  spuds 12:15 05 Mar 2006

I use an Epson C86,which uses compatible print cartridges at less than a £1.00 each.Good printer and doe's all that is expected from it.

Most printers are now sold without usb cables,but why buy at £12.00 each,when you can buy at a £1.00 each from quite a few outlets.

  SG Atlantis® 12:43 05 Mar 2006

used an epson c66 for over a year with no problems, now have an epson r340 it's a beast of a machine.

I wouldn't have anything else!

As said download new drivers for your devices and you can get usb leads for next to nothing if you shop around. In fact I mentioned in my local suppliers I needed one and he gave me it!

Instruction manuals, increasingly they are included on the cd installers... When you install of the cd it'll ask you to install the manuals.

  mcmahon 12:52 06 Mar 2006

The R2400 is now working properly, after many hours on the help line, the problem was that you have to select the correct black for the correct type of paper you are using, something epson said is in the user manual which i failed to find , its a shame it wasn't on the start up sheet in the section how to load your ink cartridges.
Advice for any body getting a r2400, paper selection is more important than on other types of printer i have used,

  Diemmess 15:47 06 Mar 2006

Thanks for the solution.
Have had at least 3 Epson printers since their original Stylus Colour Esc/P2
Now have a much humbler 987 compared to your new job!
Even so, in these limited circumstances for my best results I always choose one lower grade of paper (from the menu) than the grade I actually use. Fortunately I don't have to worry over the ink as well!

  Diemmess 15:48 06 Mar 2006

Sorry about the typo 870 - NOT 987 (where did that come from?)

  jakimo 02:43 12 Mar 2006

The R2400 is a highly regarded A3 photo printer,the downside as you say is having to keep changing the Matt-black cart. for the Photo-black,but this is becoming common in monochrome photo dedicated printers

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