Epson 220 again doesn't recognise JetTec ink

  Trikie 23:23 25 Feb 2007

Sorry to have to come back on this but after printing several photos perfectly I'm getting the same message again. This time I haven't changed a cartridge or done anything else to the printer.

I've cleaned all 6 chips but no joy. Is there anything else I can try?

Below is my original thread that I optimistically ticked as settled

I've been using JetTec ink ever since buying this printer and apart from the usual initial warning the first time a new cartridge is used I have had no problems.

I replaced one cartridge today and it now refuses to recognise any of the 6 cartridges and will not print.

How can I get round this?

Clean the contacts on the cartridge you have replaced and then re-install it. This worked for me on my R340 a couple of days ago.


Thanks oldal1. Have done this and now printing a picture. I didn't think of doing this as I didn't realise that one faulty cartridge would affect all 6.

  woodchip 23:27 25 Feb 2007

It could be the contacts in the Printer that pickup the chip

  Trikie 23:48 25 Feb 2007

Thanks Woodchip. I presume I could try cleaning the printer contacts. What is the best way to do this - cotton bud soaked in ?????

  terryf 00:01 26 Feb 2007

Isopropyl alcohol

  terryf 00:03 26 Feb 2007

Try a beauty salon for source, they use it for nail varnish remover and might sell a small quantity, I don't know where else you would source it, try a Google.

  Trikie 01:09 26 Feb 2007

Thanks terryf. Google has found that Maplin sell it - £6.51 for 400ml.

  Microdot 09:13 26 Feb 2007

Get Isopropyl from your local chemist !!
Buy the 5oo ml size.
Cheaper than Maplins.

Cheers de Art.

  woodchip 13:39 26 Feb 2007

You can get it from a £1 shop with CD cleaner

  Trikie 20:38 26 Feb 2007

Thanks Microdot and woodchip. Fortunately as it turns out the local Maplins didn't have any in stock. Off to the chemists tomorrow.

  Trikie 17:01 02 Mar 2007

The problem continues. I've got some isopropyl alchohol and cleaned the contacts on the printer and all 6 cartridges but still getting the same message.

Could one of the programmes(?) that disables the printer sensor be any help? I've read about such things but never had to use one. If it's worth a try how do I get one?

  woodchip 17:32 02 Mar 2007

Yes it could do, click here

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