Epson 1660 Photo scanner install probs..

  plankton 18:57 02 Oct 2003

I've decided after 3 weeks to install my new scanner.

It appeared to be "a piece of cake", got some photies copied in, wonderful.

Then I tried to shut down. Oh what palava! Blue screen stating hardware failure (of course I didnt write down the actual words). Turned off and restarted. Up comes XP Home (before I forget to put that), and all seems OK.

On logging in as me the PC decides I've got new hardware ?? You need to install new driver, hardware wizard appears. Not on CD do you want to install from internet. OK I say, no connection. PANIC! Looked at device manager, has "simple network connector" with yellow ?, disabled, still no dial-up. COMPLETE PANIC! Restored to before install of scanner, now OK.

My question is "What was missing? What did it think I had added? How do I get the thing installed correctly?".

I have now downloaded the TWAIN driver (I always wanted to be one) from the Epson site, but thought I'd check it out here before I go for the re-install... ANY assistance gratefully accepted. :o)

  plankton 19:06 02 Oct 2003

I'll look at responses in the morning, my daughter's just gone to bed (she's only 4) and I'm in the next room (she'll be out in a minute to see what dad's doing). Sorry about the novel, tried to put as much info as I could in....;o)

  plankton 10:35 03 Oct 2003

More info... it said it was a PCI fail.

The scanner is (was) plugged into a USB2 port on a PCI card.

Any help accepted....although panic is over for the moment, just cant use me scanner....yet.:o(

  JIM 10:50 03 Oct 2003

when you say "I have now downloaded the TWAIN driver" what is the version number of driver?

  plankton 10:57 03 Oct 2003


  JIM 11:09 03 Oct 2003

Just posting this for time being,which seem to be a gripe with others to.I will look at the manual that i have downloaded to see if it may help(once i locate it)try to get back to you.

ps. take it that your system otherwise has no problems that may have a bearing on your troubles?

Flawed Driver Dooms Scanner for XP
Pity... Latest driver from Epson (5.71) is dated at Dec 02, and it's obvious they have moved on to other tasks. Aside from annoying but surmountable installation problems, the Twain driver would hit the hard drive needlessly every second after invocation in XP, whether or not any Twain-aware application program was subsequently running. And it would freeze near the end of 1600 dpi 35mm slide scans. With no new driver in sight, had to return the scanner. You'd think they would support the product enough to have it work as advertised. Still looking for a decent 35mm slide scanner...

  plankton 11:19 03 Oct 2003

That sounds like a real bummer! The only reason I got this was coz me father-in-law's got one (on XP) and it works!!!

  plankton 11:22 03 Oct 2003

sorry, missed the, all's been OK, and it recovered correctly, so without the scanner stuff its fine. I dont know whether to thank you for your bad news or not!;o)

  JIM 12:17 03 Oct 2003

not forgoten you,and do not pay to much attention to my post,as iam sure many others have installed that scanner with no problems.

Have had to go to usa site to get mamual for your scanner,as epson uk for some unknow reason do not include it in there downloads.

Will let you know what i think/suggest shortly and others may post in meantime.

  plankton 12:24 03 Oct 2003

Thanks JIM, I wondered why I couldnt find it online...

  JIM 13:05 03 Oct 2003

recap for you of installation instructions(you may have done it by the book, but just incase)

Also make sure your PCI/usb card is causing no problems with any other poss hardware when connected,

click here

This link should give you all manuals and info sheets you may want.

Also suggest that the drivers on the USA site may!!!! be more upto date? for you to try.

click here

1/ You must install your software before connecting the scanner to your computer. The install process may take up to 15 minutes.
Be sure to close all open programs and turn off any virus protection.


1 Insert the scanner software CD-ROM in the CD-ROM
The installer starts automatically.If it doesn?t start, open My Computer, double-click
then double-click EPSON.

2 When you see a message asking you to disable antivirus click Continue.

3 Read the license agreement, then click Agree.

4 At the Software Installation screen, click Install.

5 Follow the on-screen instructions to install each program. After each one is installed, click Next or Finish to continue. Note that EPSON
Smart Panel? installs in several steps. If you have PDA software on your computer, Presto! PixExpress will be installed.Please wait until the process is complete.

6 When you see this message, click Yes or No

You will see a window which says Congradulations installation is complete.Folled by,Follow the instructions on the Start Here Sheet to connect your scanner and start scanning.
Click exit.

7 Click Exit. The EPSON Product Registration screen appears.

8 (OPTION i would guess)---------Register your scanner as instructed. At the last screen, click Done or close your browser. Then follow the instructions to connect

ps,"i would be inclined to reboot system first before proceeding." to connect scanner to pc which is straight forward as you already know.

Make sure you?re using the USB cable that came
with your scanner.

"""If you?re using a USB hub, try connecting the
scanner directly to one of the USB ports on
your computer."""

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