Epson 1290 printer & Vista problem

  Lynnk 13:38 16 Apr 2008

My printer's ink levels are greyed outon the screen display, but the red light started blinking and it wouldn't print. I changed the colour cartridge and it stopped, so I assume it's the right one. Unfortunately the printer won't print anything still. I think that the printer and Vista need to communicate that the ink has been replaced, but I don't know how to do this.

Your help would be appreciated as I can't find a solution to this problem anywhere.

Many thanks.

  jack 14:10 16 Apr 2008

Essentially it is the cartridge chip talking to the printer- if the problem is indeed ink supply- the computer does not come into it- except for the level indicators- and they are just that ,indicators based on the number of pages passed by the print.
In truth this is like trying to influence the spin of the wheels of a one arm bandit by stabbing the buttons -they don't in fact do anything - the machine does does it all.
Remove the cartridge and make sure it properly reseated.
Also download and install and learn to use the Epson utility form click here

  Lynnk 14:41 16 Apr 2008

Thanks Jack, I'll try reseating the cartridge. I don't understand the link, it looks to be in Russian. Is there an English version?

  woodchip 15:17 16 Apr 2008

You need to download the Vista drivers for the printer

  Lynnk 15:40 16 Apr 2008

Woodchip, your link on Vista drivers takes me to Vista business card print services, which is no use to me, but thanks anyway.

  Lynnk 15:43 16 Apr 2008

I should also add that Epson doesn't have a Vista compatible driver for the 1290 and that the only way I could install it was via Vista finding the printer via the USB port.

  woodchip 19:21 16 Apr 2008

I did not post a Link! but hear it is click here

  jack 19:40 16 Apr 2008

This is the link for ssclg- click here

Re the driver.
Try this
Go to Start, then printers and Faxes, click on add a printer.
It will ask if you have a disk or whether you would like to select from a list.
Click select from list
Then select the printer make
Then scroll down for the printer model
Click OK
Windows Operating system have their own library's of drivers for popular makes/models

  Lynnk 20:50 16 Apr 2008

Thanks everyone for all your helpful suggestions. I downloaded a Windows update tonight (don't know what it was for and I already had the Service Pack)and unticked printer preview in Preferences. I removed and reinserted the printer cartridge and restarted the computer and printer. The printer Status Monitor is still greyed out and so are the printer ink levels, but it is now printing...

I haven't loaded any new drivers, so I don't know what has resolved the issue. Hopefully it won't happen again when I next change the ink cartridges.

Thanks again, I hope the above might be helpful to others.

  Lynnk 14:00 21 Apr 2008

Epson have finally replied that I need to install the printer driver via Vista, which I had done. However I had chosen the 1290 driver, when I needed to choose the 1290 (M) driver. This instals a different driver, which includes a button to Get ink levels. Simple when you know how, shame it isn't made clear on the Epson website. Hope this is helpful to others.

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