Epsom DX 7450

  J B 15:51 01 Dec 2008

I am looking for a replacement all in one printer that will work with Vista. I have been looking at the Epsom DX7450. I presently have a HP 3180 which is absolutely useless, with no end of errors with Vista and I have the latest software. Any better suggestions! J.B.

  john bunyan 15:59 01 Dec 2008

See another thread today. I had an Epson all in one - expensive. Fine pictures etc but ink froze just out of warranty and deep clean, calls to Epson would not restore it. I have had a Canon MP760 for about 18 months and am sure there is an updated version. I find it first class. 2 black ink carts and 3 colour, and a seperate print head which could be replaced in the event of an ink "clod" - but no problems, has a built in card reader, acts as a photocopier, scans up to A4, and slides and negs. Local Cartrige World like Canons and say Epsons prone to ink freeze. Prints photos very well and I use Staples Pearl photo paper ( a bit cheaper than Canon)

  J B 20:16 01 Dec 2008

I will have a look, thanks. J.B.

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